Parker and Toldo

(1-10-22) Early in December it was announced that RPS District Athletic Director Mat Parker had been removed from that position and was placed on administrative leave.

Cathy Bayer, RPS 205 Senior Communications Manager replied to an email request from SSN on the status of Parker and who would be running the District Athletic Department –

Mat Parker no longer works for Rockford Public Schools.

Augie Toldo, Guilford High School Athletic Director, is working as the RPS 205 Interim Director of Athletics.

At the time of Parker being placed on administrative leave…RPS 205 would not release details because it was a ‘personnel matter’.

According to the Freedom of Information Act log posted above, that was posted on the RPS 205 BOE Board Docs, it appears that FOX 39 filed a FOIA request shortly after the announcement of Parker being removed. According to the log, no documents were given out as of 1-5-22.