(2-26-22) For Ridgemont’s Mason Stuck this season and the career ending situation was a nightmare for the outstanding Senior player.

While playing in his final game (Senior Night) at home vs. Cardington-Lincoln (2-18-22), in what Ridgemont Coach Nick Stuck said was ‘very physical with few foul calls’.

The incident took place at the end of the 1st half after a foul was called on one of Cardington-Lincoln’s top players picking up his 3rd foul and went to the bench. The sub who entered the game took actions after Stuck shot his free throws, including knocking down and punching Stuck…the sub was ejected…but so was Stuck who the official said also threw a punch. Ridgemont would go on to win the game 60-41.

There is a You Tube video (below) posted that shows the incident, but it has been marked as private access. (hope it will be made public soon)

According to a video review after the game by Ridgemont officials Stuck never threw a punch and should not have been ejected for fighting. The suspension carries an automatic 4 game suspension.

After reviewing the tape the OHSAA seemed to agree that Stuck did not throw a punch and decided to lower the punishment from 4 games to 2 games. But that didn’t help ease the pain as Ridgemont would playi without Stuck in their first tournament game (2-23-22) and would lose to Minster 66-39.

According to the OHSAA’s ejection policy …any call made by an official is not subject to being overturned. Just a note…according to the OHSAA web site it is not a bylaw, it was initiated by the Board of Directors (see below).

From the OHSAA web site – Ejection Report Instructions

Coach Stuck posted the recount of the incident on his Twitter page

With the season now over for Ridgemont, no actions or apologies can change the fact that Stuck missed the last half of his Senior Night game and the first and only tournament game. The emotional train ride he took impacted him, his teammates and the Ridgemont fans.

The OHSAA ejection process comes into question. Sure officials are not perfect, but it seems when given evidence of a mistake like this…something other then lowering the suspension should have been done. After all the OHSAA allows replays in the State Final football games…which can overturn an official’s call. The official who made the call, was he impacted by the OHSAA for this in any form? Was he suspened for four games?

What OHSAA staff members made the decision to lower the suspension, what was the process, who did they talk to and why…if they don’t overturn those decisions why did they lower the games suspended.

Why does the Board of Directors have the power to make a stipulation like this one…not to overturn an ejection by an official? It is not a by-law according to their own Ejection Policy?

It was a sad ending to a great career for Mason Stuck…let’s hope changes are made by the OHSAA in the future.