(4-30-22) Two days after Perrysburg walked out on a lacrosse game, because of an alleged racial slur that was used by an Anthony Wayne player…the Yellow Jackets were back on the field on Saturday.

Northern Lakes League commissioner Richard Browne said no decision has been made on whether the game will be resumed, or how it will be counted in the standings (a tie, a loss for Perrysburg, or a no contest) if not resumed. The game was tied at 5-5 when the game was ended by the officials at halftime.

According to Perrysburg this is not the first time their team has heard racial slurs during a match.

A Perrysburg High School lacrosse parent, Steve Rodzos, told 13 Action News after the game was called said-

“They (players) had made a pact among themselves that if that were to happen again they would walk off in solidarity and not tolerate it.”

Superintendents from both schools sent out statements on situation –