(5-31-22) It all started in 2019 when Glenbdale (Missouri) football coach Mike Mauk was flagged twice and ejected by the official during the Falcons 64-34 state quarterfinal loss to Carthage.

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On that night this is what happened –

Mauk received his first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the officials after they appeared to have missed a helmet-to-helmet hit against one of his receivers.

Mauk went back to the sidelines and found his iPad and pulled up a replay of the questionable no-call. He then approached a referee along the sideline with his tablet and that is when he was given his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which resulted in an automatic ejection.

According to Mauk’s lawsuit this is why he decided to move forward with it —

“the disciplinary action by SPS and threat of termination was discriminatory” (age discrimination) based on Mauk’s age, he was 62 in 2019. The district also decided to take away his stipend and remove his title of director of operations. 

After a meeting with school administrators Mauk was placed under an action plan and was informed that if he failed to sign it or agree to it, he would be terminated as Glendale’s head coach.

Mauk alleges that he has been monetarily damaged by the defendant’s “unlawful practices” and that he had suffered physical and mental pain, anguish and distress. Mauk wants to be compensated for the income he lost as a result of the punishment. 

SPS spokesperson Stephen Hall said in a statement in August of 2021 after the suit was filed-

“The district is not able to provide specifics regarding any pending legal action; however, we will provide a general assessment of the situation. Mr. Mauk’s action is without merit. It is deeply unfortunate when facts are misconstrued to seek financial gain — especially from a public entity serving children. SPS must now expend taxpayer resources, better used to benefit students, to defend itself against a frivolous lawsuit. We believe the outcome, however protracted, will ultimately validate the district’s appropriate actions related to this confidential personnel matter.”

Mauk wasn’t the only one ejected during that incident in the Carthage game…the official ejected a member of the chain gang on the Glendale sideline.

In a reply today to SSN’s email on the lawsuit –

Stephen D. Hall, Springfield Public Schools Chief Communications Officer

I am able to confirm that this litigation remains pending. Due to its active status, the district will not provide further comment.