(6-23-22) 49 years ago in 1973 the Elida Fieldhouse was opened and became a top athletic facility in the Stateline area.

The Elida Board of Education this past week approved a facility upgrade.

Elida Superintendent Joel Mengerink in a Lima News story

“We’re doing a small addition at the east end of the building which will take our concessions down there. We’re also remodeling the bathrooms, locker rooms and adding a couple of locker room spaces to give us more space for all the tournaments we host.”

According to the 6-21-22 BOE agenda, the cost of the remodel is not to exceed $1,769,055. The cost is to be shared by a number of entities.

  • unnamed donor has given $501,000
  • Elida athletic department will contribute $150,000.
  • Elida boosters will contribute $300,000.
  • Facilities fund
  • Permanent Improvement and ESSER funds

From 6-21-22Elida Schools Board of Education Agenda

Did you know….

The original floor at the Elida Fieldhouse was a Tartan surface and like many of those type floors, UD Arena and Parkway, it was removed.

UD fans inquired about buying a piece of the Tartan floor when it was removed: The answer was no. There are chemicals, such as mercury in the Tartan surface. The court will be taken away in bags, put in containers and taken to a disposal site.