(7-3-22) In 1934 Griffith (Indiana) High School hired its first football coach Richard Beck. One of the first thing Beck needed to find was uniforms for his team, so he went to his alma mater, Purdue, and he asked for a donation of their old uniforms, they obliged. From that day on the Panthers’ school colors have been the same as Purdue…black and gold.

Thanks to a tweet from veteran sports writer Al Hamnik we now know how it happened.

Beck’s football coaching record at Griffith from 1934-1939 was 11-28, his best season was 4-3 in 1935.

NOTE: Beck also coached basketball at Griifith.

1940-41 Griffith Boy Basketball Team

Coach Beck in 2nd row

Beck was very community minded and he would help to charter and become the first president of the local Griffith Lions Club on October 4, 1940.

Coaches that post losing records are usually forgotten pretty quickly. Those who lay the foundation for the success and betterment of their community, they are not forgotten.

The early days of high school athletics are not always well-documented, thanks to those who feel it is important to share items like this with all of us,