(7-6-22) By mutual agreement of all ten NCC schools, Arsenal Tech’s membership in the North Central Conference will end at the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year.

Tech principal Corye Franklin said Wednesday in a release from Indianapolis Public Schools,

“Finding a centrally-located conference would be more conducive to the lives of our student-athletes by reducing long bus rides to out-of-town games that often end late on school nights, It will also allow for more families, alumni, and staff to attend games.”

The Conference was formed on March 23, 1926 by 10 schools in the Central third of Indiana. Charter members were Anderson, Arsenal Tech, Frankfort, Kokomo, Lebanon, Logansport, Muncie Central, New Castle, Richmond, and Rochester. With a couple of minor changes in the first decade (Lafayette Jeff replacing Rochester in 1930, and Marion replacing Lebanon in 1933), the conference membership remained unchanged.

Current membership includes Anderson, Harrison (West Lafayette), Kokomo, Lafayette Jeff, Logansport, Marion, McCutcheon, Muncie Central and Richmond.