(7-7–22) Harlem is mourning the sudden loss of Abbi MacGregor. Abbi would have been a Senior this year. She was a 3-sport athlete competing in cross country, basketball and track.

From a Go Fund Me page – https://www.gofundme.com/f/abbistrong12

Seventeen-year-old Abbi is a great athlete and student and has an infectious energy. She’s the life of the party and lights up a room. She’s an amazing friend and sister. Being around her is like being in an adventure story. But last week her story took a horrible turn…

For a while, Abbi casually mentioned having blurry vision, seeing double, and dizziness. It escalated when she fell in the shower. She had an MRI on Tuesday, June 28th. The next day her family received the call that they found a large “mass” in her brain and needed to get her to a hospital immediately. Surgery was scheduled for Friday morning to remove the tumor.

Surgery started well and eight hours in it was confirmed to NOT be cancerous. A win! However, at the 12-hour mark, the family was notified that she was no longer stable. It took doctors two hours to stabilize her. Surgery then continued again until early Saturday morning.

Once in the PICU the doctors observed that pressure was becoming a concern and made it clear that she is VERY sick and the next three days will be rough as they wait and see.

Abbi passed away on Wednesday, just nine days after her MRI.