July 12, 2022 – The ACME Baseball Congress, Ohio’s homegrown summer high school baseball league, is
holding its 60th ACME State Tournament at the Wally Post Athletic Complex in St. Henry Ohio from July 16 – 18, 2022.

ACME Commissioner, Ben Mauch

“ACME Baseball allows its players and parents to be part of an organization that will offer most
of the same benefits as travel programs but at a much lower cost and time commitment. For our organization to support our vision, we’ll constantly connect and gather ideas from the owners of ACME Baseball, who consist of our coaches, players, and parents.”

The 2022 ACME organization consists of 78 ACME teams and 37 “Junior” ACME teams divided among seven districts which are comprised of JV and varsity high school players for the following baseball season. Defiance, the 2021 ACME State Champion was also the host of this year’s Jr. ACME Tournament which culminated earlier this week by naming the Apaches from Fairview this year’s champions. The ACME State Tournament will feature a single-elimination game format with teams from Van Wert, Indian Lake, Coldwater, Napoleon, Defiance, Russia, Perrysburg, and St. Henry. These final 8 teams, from a starting pool of 78, have advanced by winning the sectional and district games within their district.

Tom Brunswick

In addition to tournament game play, the ACME Board of Directors will be honoring the newest ACME Hall of Fame Inductees – Tim Kuener, Willie Sammetinger, and Tom Brunswick.

This year’s host, St. Henry Head Coach Mike Gast, and the community of the St. Henry Redskins, are providing an exciting and comfortable atmosphere for the event. Gate fees will be $5 for adults and $2 for students with children under five being free. An Umpires’ Hospitality Suite, donated by Mid-West Buckeye Umpires Association, will also be available all three days at the Inn at Romer’s, which sits just to the south of the stadium.

Gast said –

“Going all the way back to Wally Post, St. Henry has placed an emphasis on competing with our teammates during the summer. We look forward to the opportunity to host seven great programs and
communities at the Wally Post Athletic Complex here in St. Henry.”

The ACME Board of Directors aims to provide an organization that allows spring programs to play competitively during the summer by building team chemistry, developing a stronger community foundation, and allowing younger players to gain varsity-like experience. You can follow our They Picked Me player of the game, and ACME22 campaigns on Twitter, and learn more about ACME Baseball at acmebaseball.org

Who was Wally Post –

Filmed in California for 3 weeks in December of 1959, the series aired in syndication from January 9 to July 2, 1960 and helped inspire the Home Run Derby event that is now held the day before the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game. ESPN staged a revival of the show in 1989.

Wally Post was a St. Henry grad and played right field in Major League Baseball. From 1949 through 1964, Post played for the Cincinnati Reds & Redlegs, Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians.