(7-22-22) According to a wkyc.com story this past week football officials in Northeast Ohio are considering a boycott if their request for higher pay is not met.

Cleveland Football Officials Association Secretary Anthony Bondra told wkyc

“There’s a real threat to the sport of football.”

“We gave them a survey originally. We asked how many guys are willing to sit out Week One if, in fact, that conference that you’re working in doesn’t pay at least $80 a game, and eight out of every 10 said they would boycott the games.”

“In the last 10 years, the numbers would indicate the decline in football officials in Ohio has gone from maybe 3,800 down to current level, which is about 2,900.”

The CFOA made a request in February to area conferences to raise wages for officials, asking for $80 a game this season with increases by $10 each year until they receive $90 in 2023 and $100 in 2024.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, high school football refs make between $94 and $100 per game.

In Western Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh area–pays the most with some refs making $200 per game.

In Ohio, the rate is $72 per game.

WKYC You Tube Video

According to a News-Herald story only three conferences in their area presently pay $80 or more for a varsity football game –

Conference pay per game

  • Federal League $90
  • Metro Athletic Conference $85
  • Lake Erie League $80

The lowest pay per game in the area is in the Western Reserve Conference at $65.

With the current football game officials shortage facing Ohio and others states in the US, a pay increase or denying an increase could change the landscape for the future of high school football.