(8-28-22) The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) issued a warning to the Hammond Morton football team after its Executive Board meeting this week.

With an issue of to many transfers in Indiana HS sports, it seems like Morton is the sacrificial lamb in this warning. Take a look at recent information about items that concern numerous transfers….one recent transfer before the start of the football season raised eyebrows in the Ft. Wayne area.

Just before the start of the season Homestead Sophomore QB Jimmy Sullivan (6’2) indicates on his Twitter account that he will be attending Carroll at the start of the school year. Sullivan had participated with the Spartans in 7-on7 games and participated during the summer at Homestead workouts.

He was in competition with a returning Homestead QB for playing time.

Why a the transfer to Carroll? Chargers QB Owen Scheele passed away suddenly in June after a short battle with cancer. Scheele, who would have been a Senior this year, was in position to be the starting QB for the Chargers this year.

Last night in a win against Ft. Wayne Snider…Sullivan went 20-of-24 for 254 yards, three TDs and 0 turnovers and rushed for 26 yards.

A Homestead Coach tweeted the following about the sudden transfer-

The world we live in now. Sad— Coach Rogers (@CoachRogers41) July 28, 2022

Morton, is 0-2 on the season, opened its season with a 46-27 road loss to Portage last Friday and lost to Hanover Central 37-0 in the home opener last night.

Is this the beginning or the end of the IHSAA at looking at the problem of transfers and recruiting. Time will tell.