(3-22-23) The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) will be deciding if they will revamp their current four class system. Adding a fifth class was another option, but it was decided by officials that it would not be a viable option.

Two reasons why the IHSAA is considering a change..a widening gap in enrollment from the largest schools in 4A to the smallest schools in 1A. Another issue was the increase in over the past several years of charter schools and private schools coming into the IHSAA that pushed up current smaller schools up a class even though they might have not had an increase in enrollment.

New four-class proposal by fixed enrollments-

  • Class 4A: 1,400 enrollment and up
  • Class 3A: 600-1,399 enrollment
  • Class 2A: 325-599 enrollment
  • Class A: 324 enrollment and down

The IHSAA and Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators (IIAAA) proposal will be voted on at the IHSAA executive committee meeting in May.

If the proposal on the fixed enrollment passes, it would not go into effect until the 2024-25 school year.

One item to note is enrollment numbers are for the entire school population, not split into boys and girls enrollment numbers, Ohio does create division breaks using that formula. Football at this time will remain with six classes.