(9-16-17) Halloween is just a little over a month away, but for the Rockford (Illinois) Auburn football it felt like they had been ‘Tricked’ early this year.

It all started when the Knight’s sophomore team couldn’t get out of their locker room (locked in) to start the game. That’s when Belvidere North school officials had to  pull the hinges off the door just to get them out and get the game started.

That would have been enough ‘drama’ for most football teams in one night, but that would turn-out to be the least of the teams worries. In what could have been a tragic night,  Auburn’s third bus (half the varsity team was on it) was on its way to the game,when someone noticed smoke at the back of the bus, the driver pulled over at the Cherry Valley exit and let the kids out  and then it caught on fire started to burn. No one was injured, but the bus was inflamed in balls of fire.

Auburn Head Coach Dan Appino told the Rockford Register-Star about the incident:

“It was one of those full-moon days, but our kids are resilient.”

“Most of them were filming it on their phones, watching our bus go up in smoke.”

Despite all of the issues facing the Knights they would pick up a crucial NIC 10 conference win beating the Blue Thunder 15-8.