(10-2-17) In the 1950’s the TV show ‘Father Knows Best’ was a show about an everyday, run of the mill family that lived in Springfield, Illinois, the Andersons. Mom stayed at home, Betty, Bud and ‘Kitten’ where your typical everyday kids. When they had a problem Dad, Jim, would give his kids a thoughtful and loving way to solve it and he always put his kids first.  Was he perfect, by no means, but he gave his kids love and support when they needed it.

LaVar Ball you are no Jim Anderson. Time to put your personal ego behind you and let your son be a kid, he only gets that chance once.

This is just another part of what has happened to High School sports in the past, including the current NCAA Basketball Scandal. Playing basketball for players like LaMelo is secondary to the shenanigans that have take place behind the scenes.

LaMelo, is a Junior, has already committed to play for Steve Alford at UCLA, unless Dad decides he ‘knows best.

Both of LaMelo’s two older brothers, LiAngelo and Lonzo both played for Chino Hills, with a variety of coaches (wonder why). Lonzo starred at UCLA last year and was the #2 overall draft pick with the NBA Lakers. LiAngelo is currently a freshman at UCLA.