Cubs Win!

(10-9-17) In Minnesota, Kimball ended a 42-game losing streak (2nd longest in the US) in style beating previously undefeated Upsala/Swanville (5-1) 31-16. The 31 points was the most given up by the Patriots in their six games this season. Before last night the Cubs last win came back in October of 2012 when they beat Spectrum 49-18.

For 1st year Head Coach John Benson it was his first win as the Cubs head man.

Benson talked to us about the losing streak and the attitude of the kids after the win-

Your first win as Coach for the Cubs, what was it like?

It was a lot more fun than losing a game, that’s for sure. I’ve only been apart of programs that just don’t lose many games – I’ve been a part of many great wins – and every win is satisfying. But it was special to help get Kimball back up off the floor. That being said, I was not surprised. We had been an inch away from a win here, and a last second play away there… you have to learn how to not lose games before you can learn to win. We figured it out together as a team and I’m really proud of everyone who contributed.

Thoughts on your kids and how hard they’ve worked this year?

Players win games, coaches lose them. I’m really proud of this group of seniors – it would have been really easy for them to give up after the years of failing to win… but they didn’t. It was a lot to ask them to buy into something completely different- and that’s what we are as a program, completely different – they responded just like I knew they would. I have really high character kids who love football and love eachother – that’s a great combination.

How do you keep it going?

We take it one day at a time. We talk a lot about our purpose as opposed to goals – we don’t set goals, we just work towards pursuing our purpose. We need to keep treating eachother the way we all want to be treated, and getting better at our craft. There’s a lot of room for improvement at every position – and we will make those improvements day by day. Im really proud to be a part of the Kimball community, and very fortunate to work with such high character kids every day.

So the next time you ask the Cubs how many in the STREAK, it’s ONE win in a row.