Montgomery Field

(10-28-17) The next time you see Celina Baseball Coach Andy Mikesell he might have a big grin on his face. Why? This past month the turf at Montgomery Field (Eastview Park) was replaced with new turf.

Old turf at Montgomery Field being removed in early October…

old turf


Montgomery Field is quite busy during the spring and summer, with Celina High School and ACME programs using it, add to that the WSU-Lake baseball program and it is also  home of the summer collegiate Grand Lake Mariners you can see a lot of ball games being played during the season.

Celina Baseball Coach Andy Mikesell talks about the turf being replaced at Montgomery Field and updates at Diamond 6 on the other side of Eastview Park:

So the entire project cost roughly $170,000.

The school had been putting money aside every year for the last 10 or so years to help with the cost of replacing when the time came. However, the majority was paid for by the City.

We are all really excited about the new turf being in. I know I have spoken to several community members who are very impressed as well as other coaches including Coach Gier out at WSU-LC. Our kids are definitely anxious to get on there but will have to wait until the spring when the irrigation and fencing is all finished. We are all very thankful to have a city administration support baseball like they have here in Celina. On top of the new turf at Montgomery Field, the city worked to receive a grant to improve the facilities at East View Park as well. Diamond 6 improvements began last year with the new scoreboard donated by the Celina Moose. This year we are getting a new backstop and fencing put in, outfield lip is getting re-cut, bullpens are getting added, lights are getting fixed, a new batting cage is being added as well as other additions to the rest of the park.

It is a very exciting time for baseball in Celina. The support from the city and community has been phenomenal and I know first hand the kids are very excited for it.

The finished look…

 new turf

According to many turf installation companies most turf fields have 8 year warranties, but some can go beyond that length based on many different circumstances.