(1-29-18) Saturday night was a night that Blackford boys basketball fans will remember for a long time. Freshman sensation Luke Brown (5’11 Point Guard) and his teammates were playing Jay County in Portland, just a short trip from Hartford City, in a non-conference game, it would be a very long night for the Bruins.

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After playing in the first quarter, Brown would leave the game with a serious leg injury, having scored 7 of the Bruins 9 points (two behind the arc) and he would not  return. Jay County would go on to win by 21 points 59-38 to add to the loss of Brown.


Brown is one of the most talked about freshman to come along in Indiana for several years, the former home schooled guard was averaging almost 28 points a game (ncluding a 48 point game in a 69-68 win over Monroe Central) and was a big part of the Bruins 10-5 record. The last three seasons Blackford has been 1-69, with the addition of 83-year old coaching legend Jerry Hoover and you see why folks in Indiana call it ‘Hoosier Hysteria’. It looked to be a’dream season’.

Just a week ago Brown and his teammates lost to Mississinewa 60-54, Indians Head Coach Andrew Evertts told SSN about Brown, who scored 30 points (6-10 3pt FG), 3 rebounds and 4 assists.

Luke is a very good kid. He has received a lot of attention, but you wouldn’t know it when we played him. He came in and worked really hard in his pre-game routine the second he took the court. He was very humble throughout and very polite in the post game handshake line. I think it is great to see that, it seems like most kids now days that are as talented as him don’t have the best attitudes. He is going to be very, very good if he keeps working the way he is now!

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Today Brown found out how serious the injury is.

Update on Luke Brown via his father….

“His diagnosis (at CIO) is a bone bruise and strain on soft tissue. When Luke planted his foot his fibula bone jammed into the body of the ankle causing a bone bruise, thus the reason it is difficult to bear weight. Hopefully back at it within a couple of weeks. Thanks for the prayers!!!!!”

Blackford Athletic Director Tony Uggen

“The outpouring of prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery is incredible. And the family, I know, is very thankful for that. I have had so many individuals, many of which I have never met, and in radio and print media, ask about how he is doing. It all fits in with the fairy tale we have all been living since things have changed with a new coach, some new players, and the kids who suffered through three tough years upping their games. I think going through the adversity of losing  starter Tyler Cagle for a week to injury, and now Luke, it is bringing everyone even a little more closer together. It seems to be a community becoming a family.”

“If there is a silver lining with what has happened to Luke, this injury may actually allow time to heal his knees that have been so problematic for him. It is my wish that he can work his way through these injuries and actually come out of it a couple weeks from now a more pain free player. He has fought through a lot of pain all season and look what he has still been able to overcome and accomplish? I can’t imagine what he will do pain free. And it will give a couple kids a shot they may  not have otherwise received which will help build depth heading to the tournament.”


Next start for Blackford is Thursday night in a non-conference game with Tri-Central, how will Brown’s teammates and fans react to what has happened, the good news could be just the medicine.