(4-9-18) Colorado will be considering a change in their current transfer rules. CHSAA member schools will be voting on the possible change on April 26th.

The Colorado situation is much like that facing Ohio (OHSAA) member schools this coming May. Under the current CHSAA transfer rule, mid-season and summer transfers are viewed differently. Summer transfers are eligible for the last half of the regular season, plus playoffs, while mid-year and “athletically motivated” transfers are ineligible for one calendar year from their transfer date. If you transfer without moving homes into a new district or not due to hardship, you must sit out a year in your sport, no exceptions.

Both states are open-enrollment states, allowing any student to enroll in any state school. Ohio currently has transfers sit out the first half of the regular season, but are eligible for the second-half of the season plus the play-offs. The Buckeye state has decided that a change in the rule might help cut down on transfers. The new proposal would allow the transfers to be eligible for the first half of the season and ineligible for the second-half and play-offs.

Numerous states continue to look for a transfer that will satisfy the memberships need for the future. In the meantime student-athletes continue to find and look for a way to ‘bend’ those interpretations and many are taking the road to the growing world of ‘basketball schools’ or prep schools.

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  • Are high school athletic associations on the right track to solving the transfer issue?