From Board Minutes

By a 7-2 vote, the board approved a proposal from the baseball coaches association to extend the season one week, beginning with the 2019 season. The number of regular-season games permitted (27) will not be affected, but the regular season will be one week longer. The 2019 state tournament will be June 6, 7 and 8 instead of May 30, 31 and June 1.

(4-12-18) Today was a big day for Ohio High School baseball, the OHSAA voted 7-2 to extend the high school season by one week starting in 2019. A move that is finding approval from coaches in both the MAC and WBL.

Area coaches tell SSN what the extra week means for the future of the sport in Ohio.

Luke Clouse – Parkway

It will help in situations like this year where many early games are cancelled due to weather. I feel it could also possibly lead to some more competitive games and to game preparations and pitching availability.

John Dorner – St. Henry

I know last year when the proposal was for 2 weeks extended, I was not really in favor of that. I even said that I would love it if they had proposed a 1 week extension. So, I am happy with the decision.

Luke is spot on when he talked about a spring like this year. It gives us more time to rework our schedules. I fear that we will only get a little over 20 games in this year before tournament. It will also ease some of the pressure on the pitching rules that were passed 2 years ago.

Brian Harlamert – Coldwater

The passage of the extension of 1 additional week with help schools get a few more games in prior to sectional baseball tournament dates.  The long term extension for tournament play will only affect a few schools that make it into the regionals and state tournament.  I feel it is a good thing for High School baseball and allows for one additional week of games prior to the start of tournament play.

Chad Wells – New Bremen

We are very pleased that the board passed the OHBCA proposal to extend the season for one week starting in 2019. I think this will benefit all involved and I believe that it will allow the lower levels to play more games which is a positive for the programs and the sport as a whole. Weather in the spring can be a challenge and it is something that we can not control. The decision made today will be a benefit especially during springs like this one to complete as much of our regular season schedule as possible.

We would like to thank Jerry Snodgrass and the OHBCA for all of the time and effort that they have put forth to see this through. Job Well Done Gentlemen.


Tom Held – Defiance

Tom Held
Tom Held

I would like to thank OHSAA for getting this 1 week extension to the baseball season through. Craig Kyle and many other coaches put a lot of time into getting this done. We wanted 2 weeks but at least we got 1. This will really help in getting games rescheduled and completing the league schedule before tourney. The 2nd week would help in spreading the season out and help the quality of the game with the pitch count restrictions.

Jason Brandt – Wapakoneta

This is outstanding for High School Baseball in Ohio. We already have the shortest season from time of first game until tournament play (42 days). We are supposed to get 27 games in during this time with 12 of those days being Sunday’s and Wednesday’s which a lot of schools are not allowed to even play on. So when you look at it that way, that gives us minimal practice time once the season begins. This will now allow for us to have some wiggle room with practices and games. I am looking forward to this extension.

Jeff Dieringer – St. Marys

It’s a step in the right direction for many reasons. First, it makes a lot more sense to play games when the weather is nicer. Coaches, players and fans all prefer not to freeze when it comes to playing or supporting. Second, if player safety is a priority, and it should be, playing in warmer weather is better on pitching arms and quality of position players performance. Lastly, this gives us 5 more days (We can’t play on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s) to put early postponed games. With us playing a lot of MAC teams, many times an early season cancellation can’t be made up due to conflicting league game schedules. I commend the OHSAA for passing this.