(6-4-18) This will be a short posting.  A twitter post was retweeted to the SSN account today. It took just five seconds to see that there is a problem in Illinois with the way transfers are handled in Illinois by the IHSA.


1- Actually enforce the rules the way they the IHSA has them in their bylaws.

2-If the IHSA is only going to ‘half-***’ the process, eliminate them completely. Schools, coaches and players who actually follow the bylaws are the only ones being punished. Make it a fair opportunity for everyone. This would cut down on teams having to forfeit games and numerous court associated with  cases that are taking place around the country when a player is ineligible…parents take it to court.

Simple, the gray areas are what are causing the current state of transfers in high school athletics to be out-of-control. Time to solve the problem.

Brandon Buckman, either tweeted or retweeted the tweets below. This is just the basketball transfers and the ones that he knew about, football is also very active in these type of transfers.

See how long it takes you see that the problem is real.

***feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or share other transfers that you know about.