(7-26-18)  West Aurora Athletic Director Jason Buckley confirmed to the Aurora Beacon-News Thursday that they have been invited to join the Southwest Prairie Conference.

“At this point, that’s all we’re at liberty to say, that we’ve been invited.

One thing I will say is we think it’s worth looking into potentially better opportunities for our student athletes,”

Principals of the 10 Southwest Prairie Conference schools, extended the invitation to West Aurora and Yorkville following its July meeting. The addition of two new members would give the SWPC 12 members, with speculation that the conference will split in two divisions of 6 teams.

Both schools will now seek board approval to make the move.  Yorkville, who will be a part of the disbanding NIB 12 this year, will not have to notify anyone about the change, while West Aurora would have to let the Upstate 8 know they are withdrawing.

With the possibility of West Aurora leaving the Upstate 8, it now gives DeKalb hope of taking their place. The Barbs are currently the only NIB 12 school still looking for a new conference home.

It could be a short run for the new SWPC as a football conference should the IHSA decide to move to District football,  That possibility will be an item the membership might be considering in the 2018-19 school year.