(2-2-19) Aaron Rose and Dan Thobe will both be remembered tonight when non-conference rivals Ft. Loramie and Marion Local take to the basketball court tonight.

Both men had a huge ‘impact’ on the two schools and communities. The two men passed away in 2018, Aaron Rose was killed in a tragic traffic auto accident on March 16 at just the age of 40, while Thobe lost his battle with cancer on November 3rd at the age of 46.

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The trophy that will be awarded to the winning team tonight says:

Impact Game

Two Men = One Lasting Impact

Awarded to the winner of the years Boys Basketball game between these two schools. A friendly competition between two communities forever linked by the legacy of two fine men.

No matter what the final score is tonight,  both schools will be winners thanks to the impact of Aaron Rose and Dan Thobe. Their impact will remain for a very long time with those they worked with, coached with, with students in the classroom and with student-athletes.

Aaron Rose and Dan Thobe
Aaron Rose and Dan Thobe