(9-15-19) A Dayton Dunbar football player head butts an official in the 2nd quarter of the opening game of the 2019 football season. The game is called and the Wolverines forfeit the game to Roger Bacon. Dunbar, who is already on OHSAA probation for numerous other incidents, gets to continue its football season losing the next two games to Milford and Centerville. The question is why has nothing been done?

Why did the OHSAA even put Dunbar on probation? The only discipline for Dunbar appears to be getting a forfeit loss (in a game they were losing at the time) in that first game and (presuming) the suspension of the player who committed the head butt.

The OHSAA lost an opportunity to make a statement on ‘sportsmanship‘ on the field and protecting the officials on the field (whose numbers continue to dwindle).

Meanwhile during this time the OHSAA decided to issue a warning to parents and spectators telling them:

Purchasing a ticket to a high school athletic event does not give you the right to be rude, disrespectful or verbally abusive. Cheer loud and be proud, but be responsible and respectful. The future of high school sports in Ohio is dependent on you.

Maybe the OHSAA should put parents and spectators on probation.

These are the sanctions that were given to Dunbar in April of 2017 –


  • $10,000 fine issued to the Dayton Public School District
  • three years probation for all Dayton Public School
  • public reprimand
  • the requirement that DPS athletic administrators attend required meetings with the OHSAA compliance staff.
  • if further violations of the same nature occur while the district is on probation, the membership status of all member Dayton Public Schools could be pulled.
  • If there are no further violations by the Dayton Public School District, one year of probation will be rescinded and $2,500 of the fine shall be refunded.

Since those sanctions were put in place, Dunbar has been involved in two major violations, last seasons basketball fiasco of using ineligible players and the OHSAA losing a court hearing and this head-butting incident.

Added sanctions were placed on Dunbar in the spring of 2019 for the basketball incident. The boys basketball team was ineligible for post-season play for the 2018-19 season, plus the school will be on probation until 2022. The sanctions also includes all DPS schools that will be on probation until 2020.

You have to wonder if Dunbar is still eligible for the ‘Golden Megaphone’ award, an award touted by the head of the OHSAA.

With the delay of a formal statement don’t expect one any time soon to be released from the OHSAA on this incident…it might appear on the infractions list during the next Board of Directors meeting.

Dunbar will continue to play football this year with no major consequence from the incident. Will this be the last time Dunbar athletics is involved in a major incident and slapped on the hand?

A lost leadership opportunity for the  OHSAA is disappointing to many.