(10-15-19) The Western Ohio Soccer League announced its Girls and Boys Soccer All League teams.

The WOSL girls champion Anna Rockets won both of the top awards, Taylor Noll was named Player of the Year and her coach Mike Noll was named the Coach of the Year.

Two Midwest Athletic Conference members Coldwater and Delphos St. John’s were charter members when the WOSL was formed in 2014.

The Cavs placed two players on the 1st team, Ava Giere and Haley Schneider. Janelle Halterman was named to the 2nd team, Mallory Kremer and Katie Noonan were given Honorable Mention honors.

2019 WOSL Girls Soccer All-League Teams

WOSL Girls Player of the Year: Taylor Noll – Anna
WOSL Girls Coach of the Year: Mike Noll – Anna


courtesy Coldwater Athletic Department

WOSL 1st Team
Taylor Noll – Senior – Anna
Michaela Ambos – Senior – Anna
Ella Doseck – Junior – Anna
GK – Savanna Hostetler – Senior – Anna
Tanner Spangler – Sophomore – Anna
Boston Paul – Sophomore – Botkins
Ava Giere – Sophomore – Coldwater
Haley Schneider – Senior – Coldwater
GK – Reagan Ulm – Junior – Delphos St. John’s
Hope Anthony – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Ava Behr – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Lindsey Magoteaux – Junior – Lehman Catholic
Jenna Rose – Senior – Lima Central Catholic
Annika Wilker – Sophomore – Lima Central Catholic

WOSL 2nd Team
Megan Dieckmann – Junior – Anna
Carmen Heuker – Sophomore – Botkins
Sydney Meyer – Junior – Botkins
Janelle Halterman – Junior – Coldwater
Addison Mueller – Junior – Delphos St. John’s
Allison Miller – Senior – Delphos St. John’s
Renee Unland – Junior – Delphos St. John’s
Rylie McIver – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Olivia Monnin – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Sophie Santaguida – Senior – Lima Central Catholic
GK – Kitt Siatkosky – Junior – Lima Central Catholic

WOSL Honorable Mention
Anna: Adriana Ashford, Taylor Kauffmann
Botkins: Madison Gerstner, Ellie Steinke
Coldwater: Mallory Kremer, Katie Noonan
Delphos St. John’s: Kylie O’Connor, Elly Wrasman
Lehman Catholic: Anna Cianciolo, Lyndsey Jones
Lima Central Catholic: Allison Young, Kristina Zupan
Spencerville: Raygen Martinez, Kelsey Shaffer

The WOSL league champion Botkins Trojans’ Zane Paul was named Player of the Year and his coach Kevin Lynch was named Coach of the Year.

MAC member New Knoxville placed Patrick Covert on the 1st team,  Ryland Dyrness was named to the 2nd team and Josh Deitsch and Jacklyn Leffel picked up Honorable Mention honors.

2019 WOSL Boys Soccer All-League Teams

WOSL Boys Player of the Year: Zane Paul – Botkins
WOSL Boys Coach of the Year: Kevin Lynch – Botkins

WOSL 1st Team
Zane Paul – Junior – Botkins
Denton Homan – Junior – Botkins
Andrew Monnin – Junior – Botkins
GK – Carson Motter – Freshman – Botkins
Zack Ware – Junior – Botkins
Bryce Carter – Junior – Jackson Center
Garrett Heitkamp – Senior – Jackson Center
Christian Goettemoeller – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Ethan Potts – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Josiah Simpson – Senior – Lima Central Catholic
GK – Jack Zerante – Senior – Lima Central Catholic
Patrick Covert – Junior – New Knoxville
Joshua Engle – Junior – Temple Christian
Jacob Holloway – Senior – Temple Christian

WOSL 2nd Team
Travis Barhorst – Senior – Botkins
Nathan Schneider – Junior – Botkins
Clay Akers – Senior – Jackson Center
Trevor Sosby – Junior – Jackson Center
Tommy Hamlin – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Elijah Jock – Senior – Lehman Catholic
Matthew McDonald – Senior – Lehman Catholic
GK – Wil Voisard – Junior – Lehman Catholic
Ethan Bowker – Senior – Lima Central Catholic
Ryland Dyrness – Junior – New Knoxville
Peyton Brown – Senior – Spencerville
Luke Falke – Senior – Spencerville

WOSL Honorable Mention
Botkins: Dalton Lane, John Smock
Fairlawn: Seth Puckett, Grace Weigant
Jackson Center: Jerron Reese, Camdyn Reese
Lehman Catholic: Mikkel Alvarez, Michael McFarland
Lima Central Catholic: Trevor Longmier, Phil Venturella
New Knoxville: Josh Deitsch, Jacklyn Leffel
Spencerville: Seth Clark, Joel Van Gorder
Temple Christian: Daniel Engle, Preston Patrick