(10-22-19)  The Ohio HS Athletic Association  (OHSAA) presently has no over the air or statewide cable tv live coverage of any playoff of the upcoming 2019 State football championship games in place.

With the State football championship to continue in Canton (eastern part of Ohio) this  many fans on the other side of the state question the current TV coverage.

Why is that? OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass recently in several Tweets talked about why there is no statewide coverage in Ohio.

No specific details of the present agreement with Spectrum Sports is posted on the OHSAA web site, including income from the deal and how many years the contract runs .

Although the Video rates page on the OHSAA web site does give us some answers –

Spectrum has the exclusive rights on both the live and delayed broadcast to all seven 2019  championship games and any live game they cover during the year, no other playoff game is allowed to be aired live at anytime, only on a delay basis by other outlets.

OHSAA Video Rates.jpg

Below from the OHSAA General Media Relations page on the web site –

OHSAA video agreement.jpg


  • Does the agreement allow for over the air stations to air or delay broadcast championship games? (see red box above)
  • What does Spectrum pay the OHSAA for the airing of these games?
  • How much of the fee Sports Spectrum charges to stream a live game goes to the OHSAA?
  • What benefits do OHSAA officials receive from the contract?
  • Has the OHSAA sent a request for proposals to TV stations, sports networks, etc. to broadcast these games live?
  • How much time is spent by OHSAA officials during the year on this issue?
  • Is there an experienced Media person in charge of negotiations?