(11-16-19) So why has there been no ‘hubbub‘ from OHSAA officials or Ohio school ADs or school officials about playing Saturday night football playoff games.

But during every round of the OHSAA football playoffs there are games scheduled on  Saturday night, even some of the State title games.

This past October many showed their displeasure at the fact that the Ohio State-Northwestern game was being played on a Friday night in Evanston, Illinois.

From October before Ohio State’s Friday night game –

So why no outrage during the playoffs?

How does the OHSAA look at Big 10 Friday Night football, OHSAA executive director Jerry Snodgrass told the Dispatch:

“We all know and appreciate that Friday nights are sacred for high school football. When this plan was announced a few years ago to play some Big Ten games on Friday, we strongly voiced our displeasure with it, and there’s no need to harp on it now. I get the reasons: It’s all financially oriented and about the television revenue. There’s not really much else we can do except roll with it and make adjustments as we see fit.

This year Division IV, V and VII playoff games are all scheduled for Saturday nights. Why are not all playoff games on the sacred Friday Night Lights? Why do three divisions every year have to play on Saturday nights? Are Friday Night Lights games only special during the regular season?

If it is an issue that makes you wonder why if Ohio State plays on Friday night is not good for high school football, why is Ok to play HS football playoff games on a Saturday when Ohio State plays all of their games on Saturday?