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(3-23-20) Let’s first of all agree that the coronavirus is not something we want to mess with. There are many who have different opinions, for and against, on how the Governor is handling the issues concerning this problem and how the OHSAA follows those recommendations.  Who is making the calls on Ohio sports…the association or the Governor?

The above cryptic statement from the OHSAA lacks information when you are looking for answers. It is time for the OHSAA to quit playing with everyone’s emotions…it is like a car without a steering wheel with no direction. Holding a weekly press conference with no definite answers is not acceptable.

The state needs a ‘shot clock’ not a four corner stall to handle these unusual times. Drop dead dates are needed and should have been instituted from the start.  Set the last acceptable date to continue the winter tournaments, the most acceptable date to start and hold spring seasons and championships. When the drop dead date comes and the stay at home or quarantine is still over.

Does the OHSAA actually have a plan in hand that addresses all the issues required to start a spring season?  When it’s cleared to move forward…when can games and meets begin, when will tournaments start and are locations set in place for those championships.

Has any ground work been completed? Have the officials and referees for sports been asked if they can be available for games.  Do they have game limits in place, pitch count consideration, etc. If they do have all of this in place they need to share that ASAP.

Do OHSAA member schools want to extend the Spring season, have they even been asked? They will all have to adjust to what they do during spring sports…will they have time to set-up schedules, how many games and meets will you be allowed. will it just be for varsity sports, will they try and play a conference schedule or meet. Will there be a tournament. Have coaches been asked for input on what they want to see.

Today the International Olympic Committee has postponed the Summer Olympics in Japan scheduled for this July until 2021. NCAA and NAIA cancelled spring seasons several weeks ago and sent their kids home.  The key…they have a answer to their questions. If the NCAA can’t make spring sports work, especially D I, can the OHSAA do it properly.

Answers are needed either way…not day-to day speculation like we have seen recently.