UPDATED after posting of this story – Governor DeWine Shares Reopening Timeline

(4-27-20) Illinois Governor JB Pritzker today informed educators to be ready to incorporate E-learning for the fall semester.

Pritzker said

“I would prepare for both (remote and regular classes) because it is still unclear what things will look like. I would encourage administrators and teachers to work very hard on making sure that’s available just in case.”

“What we’ve learned in that short period of time is that many schools are not ready for E-learning, but should be.”

Should this happen the Illinois High School Association  (IHSA) will have some very tough calls to make…even before the end of this academic year.

This would impact all fall sports, including high school football.

While other states like Ohio and Indiana are looking to re-open their states, Pritzker seems to be headed in the other direction.

What impact will this have on the future of high school sports in Illinois? With most winter sports not being able to finish tournaments, cancellation of spring sports this would almost wipe out one full year of athletics in the state.

No statement yet from the IHSA.