(5-6-20) Minutes  from the Ohio HS Fastpich Softball Coaches Association (OHSFSCA) Executive Committee meeting with OHSAA’s Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass and OHSAA Softball Rep Lauren Procheska from last Saturday, May 2.


The meeting minutes show the concerns on many different issues, from softball to what is facing sports overall in Ohio. Issues that continue to develop as the pandemic continues on through May and June. Looking at concerns it seems coaches felt they were not in the loop or being kept updated by the OHSAA.

Why did the softball coaches approach the OHSAA?  According to the minutes from this meeting they (Executive Board) were told numerous times, last Saturday by a member of their executive board, that the OHSAA had met with the Ohio High School Baseball Coaches Association Executive Board. The reply from the OHSAA was ….No there has been no meeting with OHSBCA Executive Board and Jerry Snodgrass.

That would lead to lots of issues that were discussed.

REDis what OHSAA answered to questions from the board

2020-2021 season
● If there is a late start to the fall season how will that affect us in the spring? Difficult to answer this because of so many unknowns. Rest assured the OHSAA are working on many models. As this plays out you will be informed through your school’s athletic department

● What if we don’t return back to school in the fall, and do distance learning, what would
that do to our season? Fall season will occur as long as all the guidelines of safety restrictions can be upheld and met. Every school has to give assurance that we can have proper cleanliness, ppe and distancing, among other items to open in the fall. Remember these items apply to players, coaches, fans, officials, etc.


● What are the new safety precautions that will be put into place for season (handshake, home plate meeting changes)? Too early to plan and discuss as we have to wait for this Covid-19 situation to play out and when the time comes for your spring season they will be announced prior to if any changes need to occur

General questions
● Is there a chance fall and spring sports will flip seasons No. This was put out by a non reliable source and will not occur in the formidable future.


● Why didn’t the OHSAA put as much effort into trying to get us a season as they did with
their fundraising efforts?

We have tried and worked extremely long hours since March to make this happen for our student -athletes. The OHSAA wanted nothing more than for you to take the field, however, your safety along with spectators, umpires and coaches is very important to the OHSAA. Your life matters to us and we want to allow you to participate in a safe manner, unfortunately our government did not feel it was safe for us this season. In regards to the fundraising, we have groups that do this for us. If you have specific questions please ask them and we will be happy to answer about our fundraising.

● Potential formats of moving sports from fall to spring (i.e softball and football), has then been proposals or talks about this? Flipping seasons has not been proposed, we have not discussed because it is too problematic. We have discussed everything from a full fall season to abbreviated for our fall sports as we did for spring sports but too early to discuss what will occur because we have to wait for this pandemic to play out and stay within the Governor’s guidelines.
● With the waiting for the season in the spring and awaiting updates, is it possible that fall will be pushed back to a September start? We are looking at all scenarios to make it possible to play for our athletes just as we did for our spring sports. We are worried about injury and acclimation for our athletes especially if things are shut down through the summer. We at OHSAA want what is best for our student athletes in Ohio and their safety comes first always.

Don’t be surprised if Ohio coaches from other sports want questions answered in detail after they see what took place with the softball coaches.