(7-15-20) Tonight Ohio Governor Mike DeWine will address Buckeyes around the state on the current COVID 19 pandemic status.

With the numbers of confirmed cases around the state continuing to rise, mandatory masks orders being put in place in many communities and other indicators, DeWine may be putting some new executive orders in place. Many schoolsofficials are awaiting an update on fall athletics and openings of schools from the Governor, tonight’s address looks gloomy at best for high school sports and the opening of schools in August.

DeWine said in his tweet about his address –

I will address the State of #Ohio on the current state of the #Cornonavirus pandemic and the recent increases in cases and virus spread.

Add to that yesterday’s statement from the OHSAA also might be an indicator of things to come tonight  –

‘…but the Governor must approve competition between schools

July 15th, 2020…the day high schools sports die.

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