Rod Serling

Rod Serling –

“We know that a dream can be real, but who ever thought that reality could be a dream? We exist, of course, but how, in what way? As we believe, as flesh-and-blood human beings, or are we simply parts of someone’s feverish, complicated nightmare? Think about it, and then ask yourself, do you live here, in this country, in this world, or do you live, instead — in The Twilight Zone?”

(8-16-20) To many Ohio high school sports fans 2020 must seem like a hour long edition of the past tv series ‘The Twilight Zone‘. For high school football coaches, athletic directors and school administrators this Tuesday Governor DeWine has promised to let fall contact sports (including field hockey and soccer) know what will they will be allowed to do and not do as the first games of the fall season approach.

We’ve heard little bits of what is going to happen the last couple of weeks, a leak from the OHSAA a leak from the Lt. Governor Husted and numerous unknown sources from the media. You name it has pretty much been out there on social media, from delaying the season, moving fall contact sports to the spring, no fans in the stands, just family members allowed to watch, COVID 19 testing procedures, etc.

The recent change by the OHSAA to a 6-game football regular season and with the playoffs starting in week 7 that forced conferences and schools to put together completely new schedules.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

“The show where everything is made up and the (computer) points don’t matter! That’s right, the points are just like…

Schools that lose in the first round of the playoffs can schedule three more games during weeks 8, 9 and 10….but after you have been knocked out in the playoffs will your school  have the desire to keep playing? Scheduling those extra games will just be another day of frustration for coaches and ADs.

In the Akron area on Friday the Suburban Conference is trying to put together a football schedule of its 15 members…but that has become a ‘Twilight Zone’ moment with several schools opting out until October.


If the Governor waits to long he may not have to worry about making a decision…because everyone will decide its just not worth it.

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