(8-18-20) Yesterday’s press conference with Governor De Wine included this –

“If it goes off the rails, don’t doubt that we’ll step in.”

Below is what coaches and school administrators are facing as the 2020 fall season starts in Ohio.

Shared highlight recommendations from the OHSAA and NFHS include:

    • Player rosters are limited to:
  • 60 players for football
  • 22 players for soccer
  • 22 players for field hockey
  • 15 players for volleyball
  • No sharing equipment, clothing, towels or water bottles
  • Cleaning and sanitizing frequently-touched surfaces and exercise equipment, including game balls
  • Coaches must wear face masks at all times
  • Sideline personnel are limited to participants, coaches, medical staff and game-day staff
  • Informing local health districts when events are scheduled and make a plan to handle anyone who fails a symptom assessment
  • Not playing if you have any symptoms of the virus, have been in contact with someone with the virus in the past 14 days
  • Limiting coin tosses to the referee, umpire and one designated representative from each team
  • No giving handshakes before or after the game
  • Limiting contests to teams in the local area or in counties contiguous to Ohio
  • Officials should not share whistles
  • Athletes and coaches should arrive in partial or full uniform so that they don’t dress or change in visiting locker rooms
  • Athletes are asked to refrain from removing mouth guards while on the field, and should sanitize their hands after handling it
  • When conducting temperatures checks, keep in mind weather factors may cause an elevated temperature

Guidelines specific to football from the OHSAA and NFHS include:

  • Marching and/or pep bands perform at home games only
  • The team box will now extend to the 10-yard lines for players only on both sides to promote distancing
  • The ball should be cleaned and disinfected throughout the contest
  • Ball holders should maintain social distancing at all times
  • Officials will have limited ball contact – the offensive team will handle the ball and take it with them to huddle, while the umpire places a bean bag at the spot where the ball will be snapped
  • Plastic shields covering the face aren’t allowed unless that are integrated into the face mask, attached to the helmet and clear, without any tint.
  • Charged time-outs and intermissions between periods can now extend to two minutes long
  • Halftime is recommended to be shortened to 10 minutes

Complete Recommendations

The OHSAA also unveiled specific requirements and rule changes for sports:

Click to access OHSAAReturnToPlayRecs.pdf


Click to access OHSAAAckowledgementAndPledgeForm.pdf


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