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(12-27-20) – – One girls MCL game was played before the Christmas break. Gabby Stober led Parkway with 16 points in a 38-33 win over Celina. The Panthers go to 2-1 on the season, Celina is 0-1.

The MCL boys teams will be in a full swing this week at Coldwater in the Asset Allocation Tournament.

The tournament features Celina, Coldwater, Marion Local and St. Henry.

Must Wear Masks and sit on taped areas

Split Session, Gym will be cleared -Ticket good for 1 game only each night – –

December 28th – 6pm (Coldwater vs St. Henry) -7:45 (Marion Local vs Celina)

December 30th – 6pm Consolation game, 7:45pm Championship game

MCL Girls Basketball will have the OVISCO Classic scheduled for the Celina Fieldhouse on December 28th and 29th.

MCL Standings

Won Lost
St. Henry 1-0
Ft. Recovery 1-0
Marion Local 2-1
Celina 0-1
Coldwater 0-1
Parkway 0-1


12-11-20 – St. Henry 38 Marion Local 36
12-12-20 – Marion Local 41 Celina 30
12-19-20 – Marion Local 49 Coldwater 34 – Alex Eyink with 23 points
12-19-20 – Ft. Recovery 51 Parkway 43 – Dylan Hughes with 29 for the Panthers

Won Lost
Ft. Recovery 1-0
Marion Local 1-0
Parkway 2-1
Coldwater 0-1
St. Henry 0-1
Celina 0-1


12-3-20 – Parkway 31 St Henry 29
12-17-20 – Fort Recovery 48 Parkway 41 Kierra Wendel with 21 leads the Fort
12-17-20 – Marion Local 47 Coldwater 35 Sammy Hoelscher – 20 points, 7 rebounds
12-21-20 – Parkway 38 Celina 33 – Gabby Stober with 16 points

A look back….

1938 Rockford HS Tigers Girls Basketball

The 1938 Rockford girls basketball team was most likely the last girls basketball team at the school. Whyis that?

Ohio’s high school girls have been playing organized basketball since at least the early 1920s.  However, it was a major question of that day as to whether or not any kind of interscholastic athletic activity was good for our young ladies.  Some saw it as simply unlady-like.  Others had a sincere fear for the safety of the girls. 

In 1937 the OHSAA sent out a questionnaire to its member schools, part of which dealt with the participation of girls in interscholastic basketball.  As regards to both interscholastic and intramural basketball for girls, 563 schools (55%) said that they did provide this activity for their girl students.  However, when asked “Do you favor dropping girls’ basketball as an interscholastic sport?” just over half of the schools, 519, responded that they were in favor of discontinuing this activity.  In September of 1939 a referendum was submitted to the schools to decide whether or not basketball would be continued as a girls sport.  By a margin of 2-1, the voting schools opted to discontinue interscholastic basketball for girls as of September 1, 1940.  This, in turn, led to the discontinuation of all interscholastic athletics for girls in Ohio.  

The next time girls would compete in interscholastic basketball would be in the 1975-76 season. Making the 1938 team the last Rockford HS team, but Parkway would continue the sport again in the 70’s.

SSN’s Mercer County League
Why the MCL?

To add a little extra excitement to the high school basketball season SSN again will bring you the Mercer County League.

The first year SSN introduced the (mythical) MCL was in 2018-19.

All six Mercer County high schools are included, actual head to head match-ups between the schools that will determine a MCL champion in both boys and girls basketball.