(2-13-21) It’s basketball tournament time in Indiana (and Ohio) and that always means you have to watch ‘Hoosiers’. Known as one of the top sports movies to ever be produced.

In 1986 the Siskel and Ebert Movie Review TV program, seen weekly across America, reviewed the beloved movie.

You will quickly see that Ebert , a former high school sports writer, loved every aspect of it…yes everything. While Siskel had no clue, none what so ever.

Siskel, who was from Indiana, said during the review –

‘I went to high school in Indiana, I know the team that they (Hickory) would have played against, one of the South Bend teams, would have blown them right off the court.’

Wrong Siskel!

You can tell that neither one of them did their homework on the backdrop of the film, which was a key part of the film. But without knowing that Ebert nailed it on the head why so many sports fans love the movie yet today.

Did you know that Siskel also said –

It is no ‘Breaking Away’ another featuring an Indiana background ‘he loved so much.’ He said ‘Hoosiers’ is no ‘Breaking Away’, in a way he was correct…thank goodness!