(10-21-2021) Last season Illinois High School football teams had a 6-game pre-season with no post-season. Although the post-season is back this season…there are still issues from COVID facing this year’s IHSA state playoffs.

Steve Soucie (fridaynightdrive.com) sees the chance of more teams with losing records making this year’s playoffs.

We have 494 teams which are playoff eligible in the state. That’s the first time in state history since the playoffs have been in relevance that we have had less than 500 teams that are competing for 256 berths. Even before this COVID stuff and all the forfeits and other things, you’re already facing an uphill climb to get there.

“If you do the simple math there, it almost seems likely that you’re going to have a certain number of teams finish 9-0, you’re going to have a certain number finish 8-1, 7-2, 6-3 and so on. When you get to 5-4, it’s kind of a coin flip if you get down to 5-4 or 4-5. When you start doing that and you add up those groups, you have a hard time finding a scenario where you have enough five-win teams to get to 256.”

How playoff teams are determined in Illinois

There are 481 IHSA member schools playing 11-man varsity football in 2019. (An additional 24 schools are playing 8-man football.) In the Chicago Public League, 31 teams play in “Chicago” divisions that are not eligible for the IHSA playoffs. That leaves a total of 450 eligible teams statewide. Of these, 256 (just over half) will be selected for the playoffs.

The boys football playoffs are the only IHSA tournament for which teams qualify on the basis of their regular-season records. The following steps are used to determine which teams receive a playoff berth and how the playoff teams are paired.

Selecting the Playoff Teams

The first step is to select the 256 playoff teams. The process proceeds as follows:

  1. All champions of conferences with six or more teams receive a playoff berth. Two-team ties are broken on the basis of head-to-head competition when those teams have played during the regular season. Three- and four-way ties are broken by eliminating teams according to the following steps. If, after any step is applied, only two teams remain, the head-to-head matchup determines the champion.
    1. Most wins in all conference games.
    2. Any team that has defeated all the other tied teams.
    3. If all tied teams played each other, fewest total points allowed in those games.
    4. If all tied teams played each other, highest point differential in those games (from -14 to 14 points in each game).
    5. Fewest total points allowed in all conference games.
    6. Highest point differential in all conference games (from -14 to 14 points in each game).
    7. Most wins in all games.
    8. Random drawing by IHSA Office.
  2. At the request of the Chicago Public League, only the teams in the eight “Illini” divisions are eligible for the IHSA playoffs.

  3. The remaining schools are sorted by three categories:
    1. First, by total wins
    2. Second, by combined wins of all opponents
    3. Third, by combined wins of all defeated opponentsFor example: School Wins Combined Wins
      of All Opponents Combined Wins of Defeated Opponents
EXAMPLE – SchoolWinsCombined Wins
of All Opponents
Combined Wins of
Defeated Opponents
Chicago Vocational74030
Johnston City63728

  1. Starting at the top of this sorted list, the teams are added to the playoff field until the 256-team limit is reached. In the event of a tie for the 256th position, the following tiebreakers are applied:
    1. Head-to-head competition (if the teams have met)
    2. Number of teams played that qualified for the playoffs
    3. Number of wins by teams played that qualified for the playoffs
    4. Points allowed in games against teams that qualified for the playoffs
    5. Coin flip In practice, teams with 9, 8, 7, and 6 wins will always qualify for the playoffs. Teams with 5 wins are “on the bubble,” and the tie is broken by the number of playoff points (the combined wins of all opponents).

According to IHSA policy, if a football team’s opponent must forfeit because of a coronavirus outbreak or a quarantine caused by exposure, the healthy team can either take the forfeit win and lose a game played on the field or find a replacement opponent.

2021 Records

NOTE: A school’s football classification (1A through 8A) depends on the makeup of the entire 256-team field. Because the teams in this hypothetical field change from week to week, schools that are “on the bubble” may move back and forth between classes as the season progresses.

Class 1A

Enrollments 156.50 to 319.00

Next Game
R1Abingdon (A.-Avon)8-030260.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Monmouth (United)
R2Camp Point (Central)7-134239.50Fri. at 2-6 Hardin (Calhoun)
R3Carrollton7-134198.50Fri. at 5-3 Mt. Sterling (Brown County)
C4Lena (L.-Winslow)7-133249.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Forreston
C5Athens7-132316.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Virden (North Mac)
C6Toledo (Cumberland)7-130276.00Fri. at 1-7 Niantic (Sangamon Valley)
C7Ottawa (Marquette)7-126163.00Sat. vs. 1-7 Fisher
C8Forreston6-235229.50Fri. at 7-1 Lena (L.-Winslow)
C9Rushville (R.-Industry)6-234306.50Fri. at 1-7 Hamilton
C10Peru (St. Bede)6-234282.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Mendota
R11Arcola6-233229.50Fri. at 0-8 Argenta (A.-Oreana)
C12Fulton (H.S.)6-233277.50Fri. vs. 2-6 Dakota
C13Sesser (S.-Valier) [Coop]6-232287.50Fri. at 3-5 McLeansboro (Hamilton County)
C14Greenfield [G.-Northwestern Coop]6-230223.50Sat. at 2-6 Jacksonville (Routt)
C15Winchester [West Central Coop]6-230240.00Fri. at 5-3 Mendon (Unity)
C16Aurora (A. Christian)6-229240.50Fri. vs. 6-2 West Chicago (Wheaton Academy)
C17Gilman (Iroquois West)6-228310.00Fri. at 1-6 Clinton
C18Nokomis6-220179.50Fri. at 3-4 Dupo
 19Moweaqua (Central A & M)5-343221.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Shelbyville
 20Monmouth (United)5-338250.50Fri. at 8-0 Abingdon (A.-Avon)
 21Catlin (Salt Fork)5-337254.50Fri. vs. 2-6 Fithian (Oakwood)
 22Macon (Meridian)5-336261.50Fri. at 3-3 Tuscola
 23Mt. Sterling (Brown County)5-336205.50Fri. vs. 7-1 Carrollton
 24Chicago (Raby)5-335305.50Sat. at 4-4 Chicago (Steinmetz)
 25Shelbyville5-335319.00Fri. at 5-3 Moweaqua (Central A & M)
 26Casey (C.-Westfield)5-333258.00Fri. at 2-6 Bridgeport (Red Hill)
 27Kewanee (Wethersfield) [A.-Wethersfield Coop]5-333261.00Fri. at 5-3 Aledo (Mercer County)
 28Villa Grove5-329191.00Fri. at 4-4 Arthur (A.-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond)
 29Warrensburg (W.-Latham)5-328312.50Fri. at 8-0 Decatur (St. Teresa)
 30Chicago (C. Hope Academy)5-327246.00Fri. at 2-6 Chicago (Christ the King)
 31Carthage (Illini West)4-438315.00Fri. at 5-3 Macomb
 32Colfax (Ridgeview) [Coop]4-437310.00Fri. vs. 3-5 LeRoy
 33Princeville4-435236.00Fri. vs. 1-7 Toulon (Stark County)
 34Pittsfield4-435317.50Fri. vs. 7-1 Williamsville
 35Galena (H.S.)4-435232.50Fri. at 3-5 East Dubuque

Class 2A

Enrollments 320.00 to 414.50

Next Game
C1Decatur (St. Teresa)8-040379.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Warrensburg (W.-Latham)
R2Wilmington8-036413.00Fri. at 2-6 Manteno
C3Downs (Tri-Valley)8-034339.50Fri. vs. 5-3 El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
C4Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)8-034338.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Hoopeston (H. Area)
C5Pana (H.S.)8-034395.00Fri. at 7-1 Carlinville
R6Farmington8-032410.00Fri. at 2-6 Lewistown
C7Breese (Mater Dei)8-031393.50Fri. at 6-2 Mt. Zion
R8Johnston City7-138354.50Fri. vs. 3-5 Christopher
C9Knoxville7-134360.00Fri. at 2-6 Oneida (ROWVA)
R10Nashville7-131414.50Fri. vs. 1-7 West Frankfort (Frankfort)
C11Vandalia7-131408.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Greenville
C12Mackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)6-239332.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Eureka
R13Chicago (North Lawndale Charter)6-236381.00Thu. at 4-4 Chicago (Simeon)
R14Momence6-236324.50Fri. at 5-3 Clifton (Central)
C15Maroa (M.-Forsyth)6-233372.00Fri. at 4-4 Riverton
R16Chester6-230343.00Fri. vs. 0-8 Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
C17Westville6-230370.50Fri. at 0-8 Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)
C18Tremont6-230346.00Fri. vs. 0-8 Minonk (Fieldcrest)
R19Erie [E.-Prophetstown Coop]6-229406.50Fri. vs. 2-6 Morrison
 20Aledo (Mercer County)5-340373.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Kewanee (Wethersfield)
 21Sterling (Newman Central Catholic)5-339355.58Fri. vs. 8-0 Kewanee (H.S.)
 22El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)5-338363.50Fri. at 8-0 Downs (Tri-Valley)
 23Virden (North Mac)5-338399.00Fri. at 7-1 Athens
 24Mendon (Unity) [Coop]5-336341.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Winchester
 25Carmi (C.-White County)5-334348.50Fri. at 5-3 Flora
 26Lawrenceville5-333325.00Fri. at 1-7 Oblong
 27Clifton (Central)5-333327.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Momence
 28Flora5-333345.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Carmi (C.-White County)
 29Kankakee (McNamara)4-440344.00Fri. at 5-3 Riverside (R.-Brookfield)
 30Arthur (A.-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond)4-438326.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Villa Grove
 31Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)4-438370.00Fri. at 4-4 Orion
 32Bloomington (Central Catholic)4-436321.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Fairbury (Prairie Central)
 33Riverton4-435404.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Maroa (M.-Forsyth)
 34Orion4-431337.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)
 35Red Bud4-426384.00Fri. at 2-6 Wood River (East Alton-W.R.)

Class 3A

Enrollments 416.50 to 552.00

Next Game
R1Kewanee (H.S.)8-038552.00Fri. at 5-3 Sterling (Newman Central Catholic)
R2Byron8-032456.00Fri. at 0-8 Rockford (R. Christian)
R3Elmhurst (IC Catholic)8-032323.50(*)Fri. at 6-2 Wheaton (St. Francis)
C4Tolono (Unity)8-032517.00Fri. at 7-1 Monticello
R5Mt. Carmel8-030495.50Fri. at 6-2 Paris
C6Fairfield8-130423.00Fri. vs. 0-7 Vienna
R7Benton8-027548.00Fri. at 4-4 Anna (A.-Jonesboro)
C8Princeton7-141546.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Monmouth (M.-Roseville)
R9Williamsville7-140462.50Fri. at 4-4 Pittsfield
R10Pecatonica [Du-Pec Coop]7-139438.00Fri. at 3-5 Stockton
C11Braidwood (Reed-Custer)7-138468.00Fri. at 2-6 Herscher
C12Chicago (Clark)7-134525.50Thu. vs. 5-2 Chicago (Kennedy)
C13Monticello7-133519.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Tolono (Unity)
C14Carlinville7-132453.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Pana (H.S.)
R15Chicago (Carver)6-235480.00Thu. at 7-1 Chicago (Kenwood)
C16Fairbury (Prairie Central)6-234528.00Fri. at 4-4 Bloomington (Central Catholic)
C17Monmouth (M.-Roseville)6-232504.50Fri. at 7-1 Princeton
 18Hoopeston (H. Area) [Coop]5-337456.00Fri. at 8-0 Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)
 19Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)5-335463.00Fri. vs. 5-3 St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
 20Peotone5-335472.00Fri. at 5-3 Lisle (Sr.)
 21Lisle (Sr.)5-335454.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Peotone
 22Mendota5-335539.00Fri. at 6-2 Peru (St. Bede)
 23St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)5-335449.50Fri. at 5-3 Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
 24Eureka5-334472.00Fri. at 6-2 Mackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
 25Chicago (Julian)5-332416.50Thu. at 6-2 Chicago (Noble/Comer)
 26Elmwood [E.-Brimfield Coop]5-331426.00Fri. vs. 1-7 Havana
 27Chicago (King)5-330498.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Mather)
 28DuQuoin (H.S.)4-439451.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Murphysboro
 29Beardstown4-437445.50Sat. at 1-7 Pleasant Hill
 30Greenville4-437537.00Fri. at 7-1 Vandalia
 31Poplar Grove (North Boone)4-436466.00Fri. vs. 2-6 Oregon
 32Anna (A.-Jonesboro)4-436510.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Benton
 33Piasa (Southwestern)4-435457.00Fri. at 2-6 Gillespie
 34Newton4-433434.00Fri. at 0-8 Marshall
 35Chicago (Catalyst/Maria)4-432526.00Fri. at 2-5 Chicago (Solorio Academy)

Class 4A

Enrollments 555.50 to 832.00

Next Game
C1Joliet (Catholic Academy)8-035616.50(*)Fri. at 3-5 Lombard (Montini)
C2Richmond (R.-Burton)8-031624.00Fri. at 5-3 Marengo
R3Rochester7-136793.00Fri. at 3-5 Normal (University)
R4Breese (Central)7-134613.50Fri. vs. 2-6 Herrin (H.S.)
C5Genoa (G.-Kingston)7-133555.50Fri. vs. 7-1 Stillman Valley
C6Stillman Valley7-133559.00Fri. at 7-1 Genoa (G.-Kingston)
C7Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin)7-132607.00Fri. at 6-2 Chatham (Glenwood)
C8Wheaton (St. Francis)6-247695.00Fri. vs. 8-0 Elmhurst (IC Catholic)
R9Chicago (Phillips)6-241668.00Sat. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Payton)
C10Mt. Zion6-239763.00Fri. vs. 8-0 Breese (Mater Dei)
C11Murphysboro [Coop]6-238698.50Fri. at 4-4 DuQuoin (H.S.)
C12Carterville6-237641.00Fri. vs. 5-3 Harrisburg
C13Freeburg6-234654.00Fri. at 3-5 Waterloo (H.S.)
C14Paris6-233560.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Mt. Carmel
C15Peoria (Notre Dame)6-233729.50Thu. at 6-2 Peoria (H.S.)
C16West Chicago (Wheaton Academy)6-233655.00Fri. at 6-2 Aurora (A. Christian)
C17Rochelle6-231832.00Fri. vs. 0-8 Sandwich
C18Chicago (Sullivan)6-229647.50Fri. at 5-3 Chicago (Hyde Park)
 19Coal City5-344675.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Streator (Twp.)
 20Marengo5-341662.00Fri. vs. 8-0 Richmond (R.-Burton)
 21Quincy (Notre Dame)5-339641.03Fri. at 0-8 Alton (Marquette)
 22Chicago (Hyde Park)5-338750.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Sullivan)
 23Evergreen Park5-336812.50Fri. at 4-4 Oak Lawn (Community)
 24Harrisburg5-336556.00Fri. at 6-2 Carterville
 25Dixon (H.S.)5-335749.50Fri. at 1-7 Rock Falls
 26Chicago (Bogan)5-332781.00Thu. vs. 3-5 Chicago (C. Vocational)
 27Macomb5-332606.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Carthage (Illini West)
 28Plano5-329718.50Fri. at 2-6 Ottawa (Twp.)
 29Bethalto (Civic Memorial)5-327753.50Fri. vs. 2-6 Taylorville
 30Effingham (H.S.)4-445736.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Highland
 31Olney (Richland County)4-436735.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Robinson
 32Lincoln4-434810.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Troy (Triad)
 33Columbia4-432628.50Fri. at 2-6 Jerseyville (Jersey)
R34Cahokia (H.S.)4-431769.50Sat. at 0-0 St. Louis (True Divine Word Academy), MO
 35Salem4-431646.50Fri. at 2-6 Charleston

Class 5A

Enrollments 839.50 to 1335.00

Next Game
C1Kankakee (Sr.)8-0371283.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Crete (C.-Monee)
C2Morris8-035862.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Sycamore (H.S.)
R3Mahomet (M.-Seymour)8-031943.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Bloomington (H.S.)
R4Chicago (Amundsen)8-0261335.00Sat. at 5-3 Chicago (Morgan Park)
R5Chicago (Goode)7-138920.50Fri. at 6-2 Chicago (Taft)
R6Mascoutah7-1331100.50Fri. at 5-3 Carbondale (H.S.)
C7Glen Ellyn (Glenbard South)7-1331156.50Fri. at 3-5 Elgin (H.S.)
C8Marion (H.S.)7-1261107.50Fri. vs. 3-5 Mattoon
C9Oak Park (Fenwick)6-2421140.00Fri. at 8-0 Chicago (St. Ignatius)
C10Sycamore (H.S.)6-2361209.50Fri. at 8-0 Morris
C11Troy (Triad)6-2351157.50Fri. at 4-4 Lincoln
C12Sterling (H.S.)6-234998.00Fri. at 4-4 East Moline (United)
R13Chicago (Brooks)6-233880.00Fri. at 6-2 Chicago (Whitney Young)
C14Morton6-233961.50Fri. at 5-3 Dunlap
R15Chicago (Payton)6-2321186.50Sat. at 6-2 Chicago (Phillips)
C16Peoria (H.S.)6-2301217.50Thu. vs. 6-2 Peoria (Notre Dame)
C17Chicago (Noble/Comer)6-229854.50Thu. vs. 5-3 Chicago (Julian)
R18Chicago (Morgan Park)5-3381084.00Sat. vs. 8-0 Chicago (Amundsen)
 19Metamora5-337974.50Fri. at 2-6 Canton
 20Rockford (Boylan Catholic)5-3351268.03Fri. at 5-3 Rockford (East)
 21Dunlap5-3341287.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Morton
 22Aurora (Marmion Academy)5-3341084.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Chicago (De La Salle)
 23LaSalle (L.-Peru)5-3341206.00Fri. at 4-4 Maple Park (Kaneland)
 24Lake Villa (Lakes)5-3341311.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Antioch
 25Carbondale (H.S.)5-333990.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Mascoutah
 26Highland4-445886.00Fri. at 4-4 Effingham (H.S.)
 27Country Club Hills (Hillcrest)4-4431146.50Fri. at 6-2 Lansing (Thornton Fractional South)
 28Lisle (Benet Academy)4-4421313.50Fri. at 4-4 LaGrange Park (Nazareth Academy)
 29LaGrange Park (Nazareth Academy)4-4401244.93Fri. vs. 4-4 Lisle (Benet Academy)
 30Chicago (St. Patrick)4-4401206.00Fri. at 3-5 Arlington Heights (St. Viator)
 31Centralia (H.S.)4-439878.00Fri. at 7-1 Collinsville
 32Maple Park (Kaneland)4-4381303.00Fri. vs. 5-3 LaSalle (L.-Peru)
 33Jacksonville (H.S.)4-435941.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Decatur (MacArthur)
 34Chicago (Noble/Bulls)4-4331152.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Chicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
 35Chicago (Steinmetz)4-4321222.50Sat. vs. 5-3 Chicago (Raby)
 36Decatur (MacArthur)4-4281105.50Fri. at 4-4 Jacksonville (H.S.)

Class 6A

Enrollments 1335.00 to 1747.50

Next Game
C1Chicago (St. Ignatius)8-0361443.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Oak Park (Fenwick)
R2Cary (C.-Grove)8-0321617.50Fri. at 5-3 Hampshire
R3Lemont (H.S.)8-0301376.50Fri. at 4-4 Oak Forest
R4Wauconda8-0271371.00Fri. at 2-6 Round Lake
R5East St. Louis (Sr.)7-1401133.00(*)Fri. vs. 6-0 Bradenton (IMG Academy), FL
C6Lake Forest (H.S.)7-1341561.00Fri. at 7-1 Gurnee (Warren)
C7Machesney Park (Harlem)7-1331739.50Fri. at 3-5 Rockford (Auburn)
C8Chicago (Kenwood)7-1281662.50Thu. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Carver)
C9Deerfield (H.S.)7-1261611.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Skokie (Niles North)
C10Crete (C.-Monee)6-2411447.00Fri. at 8-0 Kankakee (Sr.)
R11Oak Lawn (Richards)6-2371626.00Fri. at 3-5 Burbank (Reavis)
C12Washington6-2371369.50Fri. at 0-8 East Peoria
C13Chicago (Mather)6-2351506.00Fri. at 5-3 Chicago (King)
C14Belvidere (North)6-2341439.50Fri. at 3-5 Freeport (H.S.)
C15Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)6-2341338.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Crystal Lake (Central)
C16Crystal Lake (Central)6-2341449.50Fri. at 6-2 Crystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
C17Normal (Community West)6-2341624.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Normal (Community)
C18Chatham (Glenwood)6-2331403.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin)
C19Grayslake (Central)6-2291347.00Fri. at 0-8 North Chicago
C20Vernon Hills6-2281470.50Fri. at 0-8 Park Ridge (Maine East)
R21Riverside (R.-Brookfield)5-3421637.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Kankakee (McNamara)
 22Antioch5-3421335.00Fri. at 5-3 Lake Villa (Lakes)
 23Rock Island (H.S.)5-3381603.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Quincy (Sr.)
 24Chicago (Kennedy)5-2361566.00Thu. at 7-1 Chicago (Clark)
 25Hampshire5-3351747.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Cary (C.-Grove)
 26Rockford (East)5-3351726.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Rockford (Boylan Catholic)
 27Springfield (H.S.)5-3341449.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Springfield (Southeast)
 28Chicago (Von Steuben)4-4431744.50Sat. vs. 3-5 Chicago (Urban Prep/Bronzeville)
 29Chicago (Simeon)4-4421337.50Thu. vs. 6-2 Chicago (North Lawndale Charter)
 30Midlothian (Bremen)4-4381417.50Fri. vs. 1-7 Tinley Park (H.S.)
 31Champaign (Centennial)4-4371356.00Fri. at 2-6 Champaign (Central)
 32Crystal Lake (South)4-4361420.00Fri. vs. 3-5 Huntley
 33Oak Forest4-4351383.00Fri. vs. 8-0 Lemont (H.S.)
 34Bloomington (H.S.)4-4351461.50Fri. at 8-0 Mahomet (M.-Seymour)
 35East Moline (United)4-4301691.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Sterling (H.S.)

Class 7A

Enrollments 1759.50 to 2264.00

Next Game
R1Batavia8-0401939.00Fri. at 4-4 St. Charles (North)
R2Rockton (Hononegah)8-0321958.00Fri. vs. 0-8 Rockford (Jefferson)
C3Normal (Community)8-0292094.00Fri. at 6-2 Normal (Community West)
C4Wheaton (North)7-1362041.50Fri. at 2-6 St. Charles (East)
R5Mt. Prospect (Prospect)7-1342107.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Rolling Meadows
R6Moline (H.S.)7-1322083.50Fri. vs. 3-5 Geneseo
C7Hoffman Estates (H.S.)7-1321951.50Fri. at 5-3 Palatine (H.S.)
C8Buffalo Grove7-1321951.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Arlington Heights (Hersey)
C9Arlington Heights (Hersey)7-1321920.50Fri. at 7-1 Buffalo Grove
C10Collinsville7-1241865.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Centralia (H.S.)
R11Plainfield (Central)7-1212073.50Fri. at 0-8 Joliet (Central)
C12Chicago (Mt. Carmel)6-2491940.40Fri. vs. 8-0 Wilmette (Loyola Academy)
C13Chicago (Brother Rice)6-2442207.70Fri. at 6-2 Chicago (Marist)
C14Carol Stream (Glenbard North)6-2382237.50Fri. at 4-4 Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
C15Chicago (St. Rita)6-2371915.65Fri. at 3-5 Niles (Notre Dame)
C16Lombard (Glenbard East)6-2342264.00Fri. vs. 0-8 Bensenville (Fenton)
C17Lansing (Thornton Fractional South)6-2341849.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Country Club Hills (Hillcrest)
C18Chicago (Whitney Young)6-2331955.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Brooks)
C19Pekin6-2321800.50Fri. at 1-7 Bartonville (Limestone)
C20South Holland (Thornwood)6-2281812.50Fri. vs. 1-7 Dolton (Thornridge)
 21Algonquin (Jacobs)5-3352067.00Fri. at 0-8 Carpentersville (Dundee-Crown)
 22Libertyville5-3351832.00Fri. at 3-5 Lincolnshire (Stevenson)
 23Elgin (Larkin)5-3352042.50Fri. at 2-6 Streamwood
R24Villa Park (Willowbrook)5-3281934.00Fri. at 3-5 Berwyn-Cicero (Morton)
 25Rolling Meadows4-4471872.00Fri. at 7-1 Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
 26Palos Heights (Shepard)4-4451767.00Fri. at 3-5 Summit (Argo)
 27Downers Grove (North)4-4452154.50Fri. vs. 4-4 LaGrange (Lyons)
 28Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)4-4441913.00Fri. vs. 6-2 Carol Stream (Glenbard North)
 29St. Charles (North)4-4411985.00Fri. vs. 8-0 Batavia
 30Yorkville (H.S.)4-4401868.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Oswego (H.S.)
 31New Lenox (Lincoln-Way West)4-4401928.50Fri. at 4-4 Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
 32Geneva4-4391859.50Fri. vs. 1-7 Roselle (Lake Park)
 33Blue Island (Eisenhower)4-4351800.00Fri. vs. 1-7 Calumet City (Thornton Fractional North)
 34Lake Zurich4-4341802.50Fri. vs. 1-7 Waukegan (H.S.)
 35Quincy (Sr.)4-4341759.50Fri. at 5-3 Rock Island (H.S.)
 36Plainfield (East)4-4332200.50Fri. at 1-7 Romeoville (H.S.)
 37Tinley Park (Andrew)4-4312231.50Fri. at 7-1 Lockport (Twp.)
 38Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)4-4311951.50Fri. at 6-2 Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)
 39Oak Lawn (Community)4-4301841.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Evergreen Park
 40Skokie (Niles North)4-4292084.50Fri. at 7-1 Deerfield (H.S.)

Class 8A

Enrollments 2311.50 to 8170.50

Next Game
C1Wilmette (Loyola Academy)8-0471985.00(*)Fri. at 6-2 Chicago (Mt. Carmel)
R2Naperville (Neuqua Valley)8-0383522.50Fri. vs. 5-3 Naperville (North)
R3South Elgin8-0352692.50Fri. at 1-7 West Chicago (H.S.)
R4Park Ridge (Maine South)7-1372383.00Fri. at 5-3 Winnetka (New Trier)
C5Lockport (Twp.)7-1373796.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Tinley Park (Andrew)
C6Gurnee (Warren)7-1373893.50Fri. vs. 7-1 Lake Forest (H.S.)
C7Elmhurst (York)7-1362855.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
C8Glenview (Glenbrook South)7-1363100.50Fri. at 5-3 Evanston (Twp.)
C9Hinsdale (Central)7-1352705.00Sat. at 7-1 Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
C10Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)7-1352352.00Sat. vs. 7-1 Hinsdale (Central)
C11Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)6-2402801.50Fri. vs. 4-4 Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)
R12Oswego (H.S.)6-2402825.00Fri. at 4-4 Yorkville (H.S.)
C13Chicago (Marist)6-2402678.78Fri. vs. 6-2 Chicago (Brother Rice)
C14Plainfield (North)6-2382316.50Fri. at 6-2 Oswego (East)
C15O’Fallon (H.S.)6-2372436.50Fri. vs. 8-0 Jackson, MO
C16Bolingbrook6-2353429.50Fri. at 0-8 Palos Hills (Stagg)
C17Chicago (Taft)6-2333323.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Chicago (Goode)
C18Oswego (East)6-2332730.50Fri. vs. 6-2 Plainfield (North)
 19Naperville (North)5-3462687.50Fri. at 8-0 Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
 20Naperville (Central)5-3412697.50Fri. vs. 3-5 Aurora (Metea Valley)
 21Palatine (H.S.)5-3402601.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Hoffman Estates (H.S.)
 22Winnetka (New Trier)5-3374009.00Fri. vs. 7-1 Park Ridge (Maine South)
 23Evanston (Twp.)5-3363558.50Fri. vs. 7-1 Glenview (Glenbrook South)
 24Edwardsville (H.S.)5-3352326.50Fri. vs. 7-1 St. Louis (Christian Brothers), MO
 25Orland Park (Sandburg)4-4432831.50Fri. vs. 2-6 New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)
 26Minooka4-4412671.50Fri. vs. 3-5 Aurora (West Aurora)
 27Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)4-4393398.50Fri. at 7-1 Elmhurst (York)
 28Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)4-4382783.50Fri. vs. 4-4 New Lenox (Lincoln-Way West)
 29Barrington4-4382924.00Fri. at 1-7 Palatine (Fremd)
 30LaGrange (Lyons)4-4374020.00Fri. at 4-4 Downers Grove (North)
 31Aurora (East)4-4364021.50Fri. at 4-4 Bartlett
 32Bartlett4-4362410.00Fri. vs. 4-4 Aurora (East)
 33Downers Grove (South)4-4332748.50Fri. at 3-5 Franklin Park-Northlake (Leyden)
 34Richton Park (Rich Township)4-4292761.50Sat. vs. 2-6 Chicago