(5-1-22) The 2022 Blind Draw was held for the IHSAA State Baseball tournament.

  • No. of Schools Entered: 383 teams.
  • Breakdown by Class: 97 in 4A; 96 in 3A; 94 in 2A; 96 in 1A.
  • Total No. of Games: 379 games in 25 days.

About the Draw
To conduct the random drawing for the softball state tournament, the IHSAA places ping-pong balls representing each school in a given sectional into a lottery-style air mix machine. A motorized fan in the bottom of the machine blows the balls around the inside of the transparent container and air then forces each ball up through a tube in random order. For example, the first ball retrieved from the machine will be the visiting team in game one with the second ball representing the home team in game one. The third ball to come out is the visitor in game two and the fourth ball the home team in game two. That same method is followed through all 64 sectionals and eight semi-states