(8-24-22) Two major changes were decided on Monday at the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Board of Directors regularly scheduled meeting at the IHSA office in Bloomington.

Two major changes in basketball, decided by the board, but never voted on by the membership were taken.

The shot clock will be allowed as an ‘experiment’ and must have the approval of the IHSA. Information will be available to members in in mid-September...making it a tight squeeze and almost impossible to implement for schools wanting to use the shot clock.

From Montana where they approved the shot clock for this season – Small High School Concern Over Shot Clock Cost, Staffing

As reported by CBS affiliate KTVQ in Billings, the Montana High School Association estimates the cost to each school of purchasing a shot clock to be between $5,000 and $10,000. But even that range has come into question.

Broadview High School, for example, already has a scoreboard with shot clock compatibility. Adding the feature will cost less than $5,000.

Add to that finding operators will add to the cost.

Getting approval by school boards to purchase shot clocks and having them installed in time to use would be a chore for ADs and coaches to accomplish.

The Board approved a recommendation to approve the experimental use of the Shot Clock in IHSA Girls & Boys Basketball for regular-season tournaments and shootouts during the 2022-23 school year. All tournaments seeking to use the shot clock for regular-season tournaments and shootouts must apply for approval from the IHSA. Information regarding the approval process will be distributed to member schools in mid-September.

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson:

“The IHSA’s survey of administrators and coaches last year made it very clear that our membership wasn’t ready to implement the shot clock in basketball at this juncture. Our priority now shifts to gathering feedback and data on the impact that the shot clock creates on game play, game management, and school finances. We look forward to working with our schools to pilot usage of the shot clock in some tournaments and shootouts this winter. We will release information to our schools on how to apply to use the shot clock in their tournament or shootout in mid-September.”

A long-time tradition, which started in 1996-97, during the IHSA tournament season was ended by the board. According to the board there were ‘challenges’ conducting the event.

The Board approved a recommendation to discontinue the Three-Point Showdown contest as a part of the IHSA Girls & Boys Basketball State Series.

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson

“The Three-Point Showdown enjoyed a great run, but the changes in the State Series dates and format last year created challenges conducting it at multiple levels of the State Series. As a result, we recommended discontinuing it for the time being so we can focus on how we make these pivotal postseason contests the best experience possible for the student-athletes, coaches, and fans.”