2022 Girls Soccer Playoffs Strongsville – Walsh Jesuit Ending

OhioSportsNet1 – You Tube Video

(11-7-22) In a OHSAA D I Regional Girls Soccer final game played at at Macedonia Nordonia HS saw Strongsville beat Walsh Jesuit 1-0 on a penalty kick.

This past weekend in a girls soccer tournament game, Strongsville vs. Walsh Jesuit, an ugly incident took place after the match. That is when a disgruntled parent came onto the field and confronted an official.

This was a tweet that followed the incident in the above video —

Why would any school want to host anymore? This tourney mgr could’ve been playing 9 holes, enjoying the beautiful November weather, instead he’s at work hosting and ends up having to prevent a parent from assaulting an official; All for a $600 flat fee

Two other replies—

  • Same for the officials. They could be doing so many other things than have to worry about being assaulted
  • I was at the game….. Walsh is lucky the video cut off there. Multiple parents came out of the stands. Had to get police back up to get officials out of there. Was an utter disgrace.

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One factor is that limited sites want to host OHSAA tournament games…since the pandemic the association has taken the majority of income from the games, increasing ticket prices and cutting what the tournament site is paid to host the event. A lot goes into hosting a tournament event, plus incidents like this causes Ad’s and schools to take a pass on hosting.