(5-26-23) Northwest Conference (NWC) Commissioner Jon Derryberry has been quite busy this week with the loss of two member schools and rumors that follow on who will be joining and who might still be leaving.

Depending on who decides to join the NWC…other local athletic conferences could be suffering the loss of members…which would put the falling ‘dominoes’ syndrome in place.

Derryberry had this to say about the future NWC membership structure in a just released Lima News story

”We’ve got a couple of schools that have shown interest and people have called to join are ready and I can make recommendations. I have a voice but not a vote.”

“We are interested in a full-fledged member and Fort Loramie knows tha. We would prefer to have an even amount of schools in football and eight would be ideal.”

“We have to do something sooner than later. Again, I have a voice but don’t have a vote.”

Conference members are scheduled to meet this coming Wednesday to discuss the situation.