Brainerd Head Boys Basketball Coach Scott Stanfield

I go from being a cop to this, and it’s one stressful job to another and it’s time for a break,” Stanfield said. “Coaching was worse. Coaching has been way worse.

If you win, it doesn’t matter. If you lose, it doesn’t matter. If their kid doesn’t get enough playing time – look out.

(1-16-18) Brainerd (Minnesota)  boys basketball coach Scott Stanfield has had a successful run during his time as head coach.

Brainerd Dispatch You Tube Video

  • First six seasons  99-66 career record
  • 2nd Season 28-2 trip to Class 4A state tournament
  • last season 11-16


In a letter explaining to basketball parents about Stanfield’s decision:

Brainerd High School Activities Director Charlie Campbell:

“It is hard for any of our coaches, including coach Stanfield, to find joy in this vocation when met with a general dissatisfaction, anger and/or hostility from an increasing number of parents.”

Stanfield told the Brainerd Dispatch in the article about the situation:

“I want to make sure I say that the backing of the majority of the parents is real. They are behind me 100 percent. Over the last week, I’ve felt that from parents whose kids I coached in the past to this year’s parents. The bulk of the parents are very supportive. It’s just kind of a group over the last couple of years that have weighed on my mind.

“As far as playing time for a kid, it’s a battle and it’s unfortunate that in basketball you can’t play more kids.”

Stanfield narrowed it down to a few key issues:

“Parents feel invested once they pay their way through the AAU experience and the travel experience. They have a lot of time and money invested in that. When the kids reach high school, and they become varsity players no matter what grade—you’re basically bringing ninth- through 12th-grade players together—all four classes together and when they see their investment in time and money not paying off, I think they get a little upset. They see it as wasted time, when in fact, if they could take a step back and look at school-based athletics and the great things a kid can get out of it.”

It is becoming a trend for high school coaches to step-down over this same issue, high school sports have changed from a ‘team’ sport to an ‘I’ sport.