Tweets from 4-3-18


(4-3-18) Mother Nature seems to want to make life a nightmare for Ohio High School baseball and softball coaches, AD’s and umpires this spring.

Twitter is full of tweets with cancellations from around the Stateline area on a daily basis, games being rescheduled, fields continue to soak up moisture and this has happened almost every day this spring.

For athletic directors the issues that need to be addressed seem to never end.

Coldwater AD Eric Goodwin

Just one of those springs. At this point, just have to take it in stride. I remember my first year as a Varsity Baseball coach in 1992 at Mendon-Union (last year for Mendon). We went to the tournament draw having played 3 games. I believe Crestview ended up being the # 1 seed with a 2-1 record. Same bad spring weather and fields were not as nice then as you still had several “skin” infields.

The worst part of this is you work so hard setting it all up and getting everything organized from schedules on websites, officials set, workers set, etc. Then just within a matter of minutes, you are canceling the hours you put in over the past year to get it all set. You then spend hours making sure you did not forget to tell anyone about the cancellation via phone, text, twitter, websites, etc. Then after that, you start to piece it all back together again with rescheduling it. Takes a lot more time than people think and the biggest fear is just missing one notification. This is happens every year though, it is just this year it is everyday. I feel bad for the kids and coaches as they put in a lot of time in practice to get ready for these games. I remember as a player and as a coach, it is the worse thing when you get canceled. Coaches then start to get a little anxious which I definitely understand.

For coaches it is a frustration that seems to happen every spring, now besides trying to find a day to play, pitching becomes an issue with the pitch count Ohio has and the limited number of days to play games.

Veteran Defiance Coach Tom Held:

It seems to be the same issues every year in the spring. Playing in miserable weather, not being able to reschedule games due to limited days to reschedule, not getting practice time due to playing games everyday on days you can reschedule them, tourney draw 3-4 weeks away. You can go on and on and on. It is the same every year. This year just seems to be colder than normal.

Since you can’t change how Mother Nature operates, let’s hope that very soon the OHSAA helps out spring sports, especially softball and baseball.

Tweets from 4-3-18