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UPDATED: 5-2-18

Today at Boylan, DeKalb and Kaneland made final expansion presentations to NIC 10 principals and athletic directors.

A decision will likely be made sometime in the month of May.

Dr. Beth Summers, Freeport Principal (NIC 10 President)

A decision will likely be made sometime in the month of May.

Nic Kearfott, DeKalb Director of Athletics 

I thought the presentation went well. We had good productive discussion. We hope to know something soon but will definitely know the NIC 10’s decision by the end of May.

(4-25-18) Two site visits by NIC 10 administrators to look over expansion candidates Kaneland and DeKalb campuses took place today,  both have applied to join the the conference as the 11th and 12th members.

SSN sent an email to Dr. Beth Summers, who is the Freeport Principal and current NIC 10 President,  asking for an update on the sight (site) visits and a list of the administrators from the NIC 10 who participated in the evaluation process.

Below is Hoffman’s reply:

Our site (not sight) visits involved several representatives from the conference.  The NIC 10 has no comment.

Next Wednesday (May 2nd), at Boylan, both schools will present to the entire conference (Principals and ADs). No word on when the conference administrators will vote on the two schools being accepted or denied for membership. According to conference officials eight of the ten member schools will need to approve either school to gain membership.

The NIC 10 is made up of nine public schools and one private school, four of the 10 members are part of the RPS 205 system.