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(June 9, 2018) On July 17, 2015, the Jagger family was involved in a serious car accident in West Virginia on the way to a family vacation. Amy (mom) suffered multiple injuries, including a broken femur and her daughter  Alissa (15) suffered a traumatic spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

Jagger, was a sophomore at the time of the accident, was a member of the Columbia City (Indiana) cross country team that finished seventh at the New Haven cross country semistate meet during her freshman year. Jagger finished in 8th place (20:03) at sectionals and was the fastest freshamn to finish.  Little did she know that would be the last time she would race on at a cross country meet.

Yesterday Alissa, who doctors said would probably never walk again, would defy those odds and she would walk across the stage at the Columbia City (Indiana) graduation ceremony. The smile as she walked across the stage when she accepted her diploma showed that her work and patience has paid off…the audience agreed with her amazing accomplishment with a standing ovation. It was a day where she finished the ‘race’ as a Champion.

June, 2017 story written by Amy Jagger – So how is Alissa doing?

In April Jagger was awarded a scholarship thanks to the Grace College’s Presidential Scholarship Competition. She won the McClain Scholarship, which will provide Jagger with $12,000 per year, totaling $48,000 over four years. Jagger will pursue a psychology or political science degree next fall.

After the accident Amy posted on Facebook:

“Dreams change, God does not.”

What Alissa has now accomplished in life is more important then winning a cross country meet, a true inspiration to anyone who is facing a difficult situation.