(9-25-18) According to a tweet by ‘Football Guru’ Joe Eitel  the OHSAA will no longer give Harbin football computer points to schools who beat COF Academy. This will change point totals for those Ohio schools who have already been awarded points during the first four weeks of the season.

Schools who will be impacted by the ruling include, Wayne (42-6), Lima Senior (26-14), St. Ignatius (35-0) and St. Edward (68-0), all four schools will now have that game treated as an open date.

COF Academy only has one more scheduled game with an Ohio team listed on their schedule on October 12th with Dayton Dunbar. The rest of schedule the Ironmen will play schools from out-of-state.

COF Academy is scheduled to play in Novi, Michigan this week against Catholic Central.

Note: SSN has contacted the OHSAA for a statement on the change in procedure.

OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass, who is out of town for a meeting,  gave us a short comment on the situation and SSN will be receiving a comment from OHSAA Football Administrator Beau Rugg later this morning:

Thanks for checking on this. Correct, a decision was made last week to no longer provide Harbin points or victories over COF.

OHSAA Football Administrator Beau Rugg:

We received information that made us question whether COF was a school (as opposed to a non-interscholastic team). We made the decision not to recognize them as a school after trying to reach them with no response.