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(8-31-19) An incident during the Dayton Dunbar-Roger Bacon football game forced the officials to stop the game with Roger Bacon leading in the 2nd quarter. The game was at Welcome Stadium.

WATCH videoHead Butt To Official (1:23:34 of video)

According to Tweets from Dave Berk (Founder http://FirstStarFootballReport.com Football recruiting speaker & consultant http://DaveBerkConsulting.com Former recruiting analyst & team publisher on Scout network.) -who was at the game

Dayton Dunbar has faced issues in the past with the OHSAA. Dunbar’s Boys Basketball Team was ineligible for post-season play in 2018-19 season, plus the school will be on probation until 2022. The sanctions also includes all DPS schools that will be on probation until 2020.