1971 TC Williams Football Team

1071 TC Williams HS FB Team

photo from 1972 TC Williams Yearbook

(1-20-20)- ‘Remember The Titans‘ is one of the most watched high school football movies of all time. The film is based on an actual story that took place in 1971. The two coaches, Herman Boone and Bill Yoast, who inspired the movie both passed away in 2019.

1071 TC Williams HS FB Coaches

photo from 1972 TC Williams Yearbook – Herman Boone (kneeling) and Bill Yoast (far right)

Yoast would die in May of 2019 at the age of 94 and Boone passed away six months later this past December. The two were featured in the 2000 movie release of ‘Remember The Titans‘  and their rolls in bringing together a team in a racially charged climate in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971.

The two coaches were played in the movie by Denzel Washington and Will Patton. The Titans would win the Virginia State Championship and were considered by many to be the 2nd ranked team in the US. The storyline of the two is the key to the success of the movie.

How successful was the film? ‘Remember the Titans‘ had  a budget of $50 million and premiered in theaters nationwide in the United States on September 29, 2000, it grossed an estimated $115,654,751 in the U.S., and $136,706,683 worldwide.

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