(3-4-20) Its that time of year…state high school basketball tournament time in Ohio, in Indiana they call it ‘Hoosier Hysteria’. Its a great time of the year for players, coaches and fans.

But this year a focus (not a new one) is taking some of the fun out of it. Holding the ball and stalling to hold down the score or for a last shot.

Even one of the all-time great Ohio made basketball players Lebron James has chimed into the conversation about holding the basketball –

Some are asking why the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) is not considering a shot clock now or for the future.

This is why…the odds are against Ohio ever seeing a shot clock in the future. The OHSAA has given the final authority on rule making for any sport to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). To this point the NFHS membership has not approved the use of any shot clock.

Members of the NFHS are handcuffed by this group, any state association who decides to incorporate a new rule change to any sport that is not approved by the group loses their future voting rights n that sport.

Any state association who has approved any of those changes are now disqualified from voting for them in the future. This makes it very hard for changes, like a shot clock and playing halves instead of quarters, when schools who have decided to bypass the NFHS can’t vote in the future to approve those changes. So states who live by the NFHS guidelines are now in control in the changes of the rule making.

So if every OHSAA member school wanted to add a shot clock, but with the current guidelines in place with the NFHS the OHSAA would not do it.  This includes every OHSAA sport, NFHS rules are followed.