(7-27-20) The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) recently posted a pledge to be signed by athletes and their parents,  due to the pandemic and a return to sports in the fall.

But the issue has surprised at least one local school – Coldwater, including one item that the student-athlete gets a flu vaccination –

The pledge includes the following items

• I agree to testing for COVID-19 and potential subsequent self-quarantining if I am identified as a contact of anyone who has been determined to be positive for COVID-19.
• If I test positive for COVID-19, I agree to self-quarantine in a location to be determined in consultation with my family, a medical practitioner and/or local health department until:
o My symptoms have resolved, and
o It has been at least ten days since the start of my symptoms, and
o I have a negative COVID-19 test result.
• I agree to timely report any known or potential exposures to COVID-19 to the school administration and athletic training/medical staff.
• Monitor for the following symptoms:
o A fever of 100.4°F or higher
o Respiratory symptoms, such as dry cough or shortness of breath
o Sore throat
o Headache
o Body aches
o Chills
o Loss of taste or smell
• If I develop the above symptoms, I agree to contact my athletic trainer or another medical practitioner, and to follow the medical staff’s instructions which may include being tested for COVID- 19 and self-quarantining while the test results are pending, and/or being evaluated by the athletic training staff.
• Stay at home if I am feeling sick.
In general, the CDC recommends getting a flu vaccination (according to the CDC immunization schedule for adolescents)
• Participate fully and honestly with the administrative and/or athletic training staff for contact tracing to determine whom I might have potentially exposed to COVID-19.
• Wear a mask or the appropriate PPE in all public spaces.
• Practice physical distancing as much as possible.
• Frequently wash and/or sanitize my hands.
• Keep my personal space, shared common space, and my belongings clean.

Other member schools have also posted concerns about the pledge –

While other schools are asking their student-athletes to sign the form –

Complete pdf of pledge –

Click to access OHSAAAckowledgementAndPledgeForm.pdf