(7-27-20) The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) sent out a survey to member schools and asked for their opinions of the start, possible delay or cancel of the fall season. The OHSAA continues to say they are ‘moving forward with all sports programs‘.

The questions asked make that look doubtful…plus the Governor has still not given a green light to the association.

Portions of OHSAA Survey

The OHSAA is  moving forward with all sports programs as they are currently planned and scheduled for fall 2020. To help us with decision-making to determine if this course will continue, we have put together a short survey that will allow you to provide your insights.

Questions in the survey include:

• “What is your preference regarding your athletic program for both low/non-contact sports and contact sports for the 2020-21 school year?”

Options include

  • beginning all sports as planned
  • delaying and beginning when/if conditions change
  • pursue a plan that moves the spring low/non-contact sports to the fall and moves the fall contact sports to the spring with the start date to be determined
  • cancel fall sports now and decide whether to play them later

• “Current state mandates permit the low/non-contact sports of golf, tennis and volleyball to begin as they are currently planned and scheduled for fall 2020.

What is your preference regarding the low/non-contact sports for fall 2020?”

• “Current state mandates permit the contact sports of cross country, field hockey, football and soccer to begin practices as they are currently planned and scheduled for fall 2020. School-to-school scrimmages, previews, contests and tournaments are currently permitted with testing restrictions.

If and when testing restrictions are removed, what is your preference regarding scrimmages?”

• “If there are any type of delays to the beginning of the fall sports season, what is your preference regarding a delay?”

Options include-

  • delays of two weeks
  • three weeks
  • four weeks
  • two months

• “If the fall seasons are operated but shortened, what is your preference regarding the season and OHSAA tournaments?”

Options include-

  • full regular seasons and postseasons
  • reducing the postseason
  • reducing the regular season but maintaining the postseason
  • reducing both,
  • reducing the regular season and eliminating the postseason

• “While conducting on-campus sports activities this summer, with the majority of participants being your own student-athletes, to your knowledge, did anyone — student or adult — test positive for COVID-19 as a result of the on-campus participation?

Fall contact sports 

Football:  two scrimmages, or one scrimmage, one preview and one Jamboree permitted after seven days of practice. First contests set for Aug. 24.

Soccer: four scrimmages plus one preview after practice begins with the first contests set for Aug. 21.

Field Hockey: Five scrimmages permitted after practice begins. First contest Aug. 21.

Cross country: No scrimmages permitted. First contest Aug. 24 with the exception of the OHSAA Invitational Aug. 15.

Fall non-contact sports

School vs. school scrimmages, previews, contests, tournaments are permitted but no earlier than OHSAA start dates and with current Ohio Health Director’s order that COVID-19 testing protocols occur.

Golf: One scrimmage permitted anytime during the season. First contest Aug. 5.

Girls volleyball: Five scrimmages and one preview after practice begins. First contest Aug. 21.

Girls tennis: One scrimmage permitted after practice begins. First contest Aug. 7.