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(10-29-20) Not facing a re-election next week as Illinois Governor, JB Pritzker continues to rule Illinois with an ‘iron fist’.

After Illinois High School Association (IHSA) decided to defy his recent order of delaying the start of the season and raising the risk level on the high school basketball.

The Governor, during his press conference yesterday, talked about the consequences schools could face

“What we’re listening to is the guidance given by national organizations, the guidance given by physicians, particularly those that treat children and of course the experts in sports medicine. What I would suggest is, if there’s a difference of opinion, I prefer to err on the side of health and safety and I think that’s where we’ve intended for all of our guidance to fall. We’ve told school districts what the rules are and I think they all know. IHSA may have their views of it but school districts know what the rules are and it’s unfortunate, but they would probably be taking on legal liability if they moved beyond what the state has set as the mitigation standard.


IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson, during an afternoon press conference, gave reasons why the IHSA plans to move forward with the upcoming basketball season.

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In a well timed article by NFHS Executive Director Dr. Karissa L. Niehoff yesterday – High School Sports Postseason Competition Returns Across Country

The NFHS Football Completion Chart shows that 30 of the 35 states that were able to continue with football this fall amid the pandemic will conduct state championships, with the other five states ending postseason play at the regional or sectional levels. While some of the states reduced the number of regular-season games, and some teams or individuals may have been ineligible due to quarantines, the overall perseverance of student-athletes, coaches and parents has been amazing.

Among the state tournaments that have been completed this fall are boys soccer in North Dakota, South Dakota and Idaho; girls soccer in South Dakota, Utah and Idaho; girls volleyball in Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee; and cross country in Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. In some of these events, there were more precautions than in a normal year, but the chance for a state title was back!

            Later this week, girls volleyball tournaments will conclude in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, New Hampshire and Utah, and 19 others are set to finish in November.  

The evidence shows that Illinois is in the minority of states not competing in the above mentioned sports. Should the Governor decide to take legal action against the IHSA and member schools he will be facing a tough road to re-election in the next couple of years.

The Illinois State Board of Education warns school districts about legal liability –